Situation no win...

Mike Petraglia
September 24, 2008 - 11:13 am

Whether it'€™s Bill Belichick or Adalius Thomas, one thing is clear, the Patriots have put Sunday'€™s game behind them just about as quickly as they did Super Bowl XLII. At least in terms of talking about it.

Which is to say they don'€™t want to talk about it.

"We're talking about San Francisco," Thomas said. "We're not talking about last week. Last week is done, it's over with. Just like you do with a win, you do the same thing with a loss. After Monday, you deal with it and it's done."

Asked Wednesday if Sunday could be a wake-up call for his team and what they need to get accomplished in the second half of the season, Belichick was as philosophical as ever.

'€œ I guess it could, I don'€™t know,'€ he said. '€œI would like to think we approach every game the same way. Which is, last week'€™s game is over with, next week'€™s game is next week'€™s game. That'€™s where we are this week, but that'€™s where we were last week and the week before. We'€™ve been here for a while. That'€™s not the first game we have lost in the regular season. We'€™ve tried to approach them all about the same way.'€

Dealing in specifics, which is the Belichick specialty when his team is concerned, he outlined several areas where he feels his team needs to improve. And they can use this extra time to do so.

'€œWe'€™ll try to address a lot of different areas and improve as a football team,'€ Belichick said. '€œCertainly, running the ball and defending the run, throwing the ball and defending the pass, particularly in zone coverage'€™s, our third down both sides of the ball red area, [and] plus 50 punting. There are a lot of things that we can do better and need to work on. That'€™s kind of how we will approach this week as well as starting to get a jump on San Francisco.

'€œ(We) make the corrections after every game,'€ he added. '€œThere are always things that you can do better and improve on - win or lose. Usually there are always some good things you can build on that are positives - win or lose. Once you have identified those, talked about them, walked through them and shown them on film then you put that in the background, you'€™re moving forward and looking at the road ahead. That'€™s where we are today.'€