Thanks Joey...

Mike Petraglia
September 18, 2008 - 6:20 am

Nothing spices up an otherwise mundane and typical NFL week than a player on the opposing team coming out and challenging them by telling them what they're going to do to said opponent to win. Give Joey Porter this much, he doesn't care about recent history of such proclamations against Bill Belichick's New England Patriots. Before Wednesday's nugget from Porter that the Dolphins would treat Matt Cassel just like any other NFL back-up and do what they had to to win their first game, it was Porter who called the Patriots cheaters back in March. So Rodney Harrison came out and offered his take. And Red Sox fans will love this... "Joey being Joey" Before that, there was Anthony Smith, the Pittsburgh Steelers safety who last year as a rookie came out and said the Steelers would do what it takes to take the air out of the historic season being crafted by Tom Brady and Randy Moss. And let us not forget Philadelphia Eagles receiver Freddie Mitchell, a.k.a. FredEx who came out and challenged Harrison prior to Super Bowl XXXIX. Wes Welker showed his very dry yet poignant sense of humor while thanking Joey for the heads up. Matt Cassel, the object of Porter's desire on Sunday, took it in stride. Somewhere inside cavernous Gillette Stadium, Bill Belichick, his coaches and players are smiling. Not that they needed help scouting a team that is 1-20 since handing the Patriots their last regular season loss in Dec. 2006. But just in case, Porter is telling everybody who will listen we're going to bring the house. Do you think Bill Parcells, who now oversees personnel in South Florida, was laughing and smiling? Probably not. He understands the macho/bravado aspect to football but please, there's one team you bite your tongue with, it's New England. Of course, there will be those who argue, as did Rodney very smartly on Thursday, that's just "Joey being Joey" and he's a great player looking to fire up his team. And the Patriots are overwhelming favorites anyway so what does it matter?