Tom Brady: Patriots fans 'let it rip' in the playoffs at Gillette Stadium

Mike Petraglia
January 01, 2014 - 12:20 pm

FOXBORO -- Tom Brady has always given praise to the loyal fans that show up in all elements to cheer him and the Patriots at Gillette Stadium. Sometimes, like in 2011, Brady even went as far as to suggest those fans come "lubed up" to yell to their hearts content. On Wednesday, Brady took time again to give it up for the fans when he was asked about the atmosphere at Gillette when he takes the field Saturday night Jan. 11 in the AFC divisional round. The Patriots completed their fifth perfect season at Gillette with a 34-20 win over the Bills last Sunday. What is it that he likes so much about playing at Gillette? "Well, we'€™ve got great fans that come out and let it rip," Brady said. "I think they are always into the game, and the communication at home is really important for an offense, and our communication on our offense, there'€™s a lot of it, so the better we can communicate, the more we'€™re on the same page. Typically the less chance there is to make a mistake, because you can just communicate pretty easily. If I want the receiver to do something, I just yell out there and tell him. When you'€™re on the road, there'€™s different non-verbal communication that you try to use. "If you don'€™t get it right on one play, that one play could be a difference in the game. But there'€™s a little margin of error you get at home with your communication, because it'€™s just pretty easy to communicate as an offense. But it'€™s equally as difficult for a defense, though. It'€™s a home game for our offense, but for our defense, they get crowd noise and they have to communicate. We'€™ve done a good job winning because we go out and execute well, but on offense I think our communication is typically better at home than it is on the road." Everyone in attendance knows that Brady comes out on the field for warmups to '€œPublic Service Announcement'€ by Jay-Z. He was asked if that was his choice or that of the game staff at the stadium. "That'€™s been my choice for a long time," Brady said. "I'€™m a big fan of his." Brady acknowledged, however, that neither fans nor Jay-Z can keep the Patriots from making mistakes if they're not prepared. "I think the execution has to be '€“ you'€™re playing the best teams, so I think you just can'€™t make '€“ the mistakes are really magnified, I think that'€™s the difference. You can'€™t '€“ when you play a good team, it'€™s hard to beat good teams and not play your best. Typically, if you play less than what you'€™re capable of, you don'€™t get the win, because the other teams are just too good. Some days if you play a team that struggles and has been struggling, you may not play your best but you still may win. Usually it doesn'€™t happen that way in the playoffs, so that'€™s why we'€™ve got to be able to eliminate turnovers, not turn the ball over, just make the other team earn it, be at our best, be right on our assignments all the time, be [as] mentally and physically sharp as we could possibly be, and then see if the other team can beat us." Funny that Brady was asked about Gillette on a day when his alma mater was hosting the largest hockey audience in NHL history as over 105,000 jammed the "Big House" at the University of Michigan to watch Toronto edge Detroit, 3-2, in the "Winter Classic." "That'€™s today? There'€™s a lot of good things on today, so [I'€™ll] be channel-surfing," said Brady, who was asked what he thought it must be like in that stadium for hockey. "Pretty cool. It'€™s a great environment, so I wish I had a chance to get back there at some point to watch a football game. Maybe when I retire, but to do a hockey game in there is pretty sweet. It'€™s a lot of people; I know they did it at Fenway a few years ago which was really cool, so it'€™s a great '€“ really neat experience. Really smart of the NHL to do that." Will Brady watch the wild card games this weekend? Do you think there is value in watching those games, or do you actually prefer not to? "I'€™ve done both. I mean, I'€™ve watched and I haven'€™t watched," Brady said. "I don'€™t know, sometimes you get really riled up watching the game, and then you start cheering for teams to win or lose, and then, you know'€¦ Yeah, you don'€™t want to ride the wave, so I try to just '€“ I'€™ll use my time as best [as] possible to prepare myself, so whatever it needs to be, that'€™s what it will be." The Patriots will play the Bengals if Cincinnati beats San Diego or the winner of the Chiefs-Colts game if San Diego wins.