Tom Brady: 'Red Sox in five'

Mike Petraglia
October 23, 2013 - 9:04 am

FOXBORO -- There's no doubt who's winning the World Series, at least in the mind of Tom Brady. "Red Sox, man. Red Sox in five. We'll give them one," Brady said when asked for a prediction as he walked off from the podium at his weekly Wednesday press conference. The Red Sox open the 2013 World Series against the Cardinals at Fenway Park and Brady knows this is a very special time in the city, a time that makes everyone think back to the glorious run the city had in the mid-2000s. "We get such great support as Patriots," Brady said. "I know tonight is an exciting night for the city. Everyone is rooting for the Red Sox. It's pretty cool. Hopefully, they pull it off. "That's our team. I've been here a while so I've gotten to see a lot of Red Sox games over the years and watched them win a few championships. You don't take these for granted because you don't know if they'll ever come again." Brady then turned philosophical about what it means to watch a team battle adversity like the Red Sox did in 2012, only to reach the top of the baseball mountain one year later. "The Red Sox had a great year," Brady said. "What they've done, based on what happened last year, shows everybody what fighting through adversity is all about. They obviously have a lot of mental toughness and it's a great thing to see and a great thing to watch. To go from last place last year to playing for a World Series."