Tuukka Rask: Bruins gave Canadiens 'some gifts' in Game 6, ready to 'move on' to Game 7

Mike Petraglia
May 12, 2014 - 7:52 pm

MONTREAL -- From the moment he came out to play a bouncing puck from behind his net in the first period Monday night, Tuukka Rask and the Bruins were in a generous mood. And that's a terrible thing when you come into a game thinking you have your opponent down, right where you want them. But Torey Krug's pass to Kevan Miller was mishandled and Rask failed to contain it and gift-giving was underway. "I don't know what happened behind the net," Rask said after Montreal's 4-0 win in Game 6. "All of sudden, it was right in front of me and out of the corner of my eye, I thought there was a guy on the left side so I just decided to jump on that and missed it and it wound up in the back of the net." The Bruins gave the Canandiens chance after chance in front of Rask, including a miscommunication between Rask and captain Zdeno Chara in the second period that resulted in a killer goal and a 2-0 Montreal lead. "I kind of hesitated," Rask said. "I didn't want to get burned again as I did the first one. I got burned a different way. I think me and Zee got caught looking at each other. I thought he was going to dive and he thought I was going to play it. Just another gift. "It kind of took the energy out of us because they got the goal in the first couple of minutes there. We definitely didn't manage the puck as we wanted to in the beginning, and that gave them that goal. But after that, in the second period, we played pretty good, got some chances, never buried it and then gave them another gift and it took all the life away from us." Rask did make several big saves including a stop on a P.K. Subban drive from the right point in the second period and a point-blank stop on Thomas Plekanec when the game was still just 1-0 Montreal. But in the end, Rask didn't have enough answers. The Canadiens had what they needed and finished off a win over the Bruins Monday night at Bell Centre that forces Game 7 to be played at TD Garden Wednesday night. "It's just another game," Rask said. "I don't think it's any different than any other loss." While the Canadiens were gladly receiving the Bruins' gifts, the Bruins could not take advantage of Montreal's propensity to do the same, hitting crossbars and missing open nets, like Milan Lucic midway through the second period. "We've had quite a bit of those," Rask said. "Part of it is bad luck, I guess, and part of it is not bearing down. We have to be more focused when the chances come and bear down. "I think everybody needs to step up [for Game 7], not just the veteran guys. Obviously, we've been in that situation before and we have to approach it like any other game. Be really desperate and play our kind of hockey."