Tuukka Rask on defensive corrections: 'It's not rocket science at this point'

Mike Petraglia
June 20, 2013 - 5:31 pm

Sometimes it just takes simplifying things to their most basic form. That's the way Tuukka Rask feels about the defense in front of him in Game 4 and what he expects for Game 5 Saturday in Chicago. "We talked about it and moved on," Rask said. "New game Saturday." Was Wednesday's six-goal implosion on defense the result of Chicago's skill or Boston's breakdowns? "I think it was both," Rask said. "I think they played a good game. They had, as I said yesterday, legs right off the bat. We didn'€™t, and we had some mental mistakes. The layers weren'€™t there and we kind of got caught standing still a lot of times. So, I think it was both." Can Boston's defensive issues from Game 4 be resolved by Saturday? "Yeah. I think it'€™s not rocket science at this point," Rask said. "I think they played good, as I said. We didn'€™t play our game for the most part. We were standing still and not doing the things we were supposed to do in order to have a chance to win hockey games. We have to adapt that." "I mean, a lot of occasions, these finals especially, the momentum shifts and both teams have their moments. We just try to recognize what the situation is and not get too much carried away about the losses or wins and just try to stay even-keel and try to play our game as good as we can and hope that the result will be good." There's little doubt in Rask's mind that the Bruins will find their game again. "I don'€™t think it should be an issue," Rask said. "I don'€™t think, for us, it matters whether we are at home or away we always play good games at either places, but I feel confident we can respond. "That'€™s something we definitely can do. We can'€™t just rely on the fact that we have done it in the past. We have to go out there and make it happen again. We feel confident that we have it in us, but we have to be better." Rask took a close look at his own performance in Game 4 on Thursday. "Well, every goal is stoppable, but I don'€™t think there was any weak ones so to speak," Rask said. "Mistakes piled up and I wasn'€™t able to bail our guys out. Sometimes you do, sometimes you don'€™t. You don'€™t say that I should have had it or I shouldn'€™t have had it. It doesn'€™t make any difference. "They got a lot of traffic. They got those rebounds, too. I mean, I try to control everything, but sometimes it doesn'€™t happen. I think everybody just has to be better. "We were trying to fire pucks through but then we couldn'€™t block it. Our own guys became screens too on some occasions and then they had their guy in front too. When that happens, sometimes it'€™s tougher to find those pucks. If you find them, it'€™s tougher to control the rebounds and that'€™s what happened."