You saw this coming...

Mike Petraglia
January 27, 2009 - 7:08 am

The ink wasn't even dry from being smeared all over A-Rod's pinstripes when, whaddya know, the Yankees are circling the wagons to defend the lightning rod of all lightning rods. Larry Bowa said players and coaches all took shots at Mr. Madonna in good fun, according to Mark Hale in the New York Post. Yeah, right. Whatever. Andrea Peyser, a news-side columnist rips the Torre book in her column, "Revoltin' Joe". All due respect to our colleagues here in Boston, New York still has the best headlines in the business. She writes that Torre has always come across as a whiner and this is the biggest whine of all. And Mike Vaccaro writes that Torre has managed to ruin his great legacy. Seems to be no lovin' for the Torre side in New York, and given the fact that the skipper has given up the sacred privacy of a clubhouse, it's understandable.