A New Englander's expensive Olympic jump

February 12, 2010 - 4:34 am

Shoot down a man made ramp at high speeds, vault off a gigantic jump and pretty much fly down on mountain'€¦on a pair of skis. That'€™s the world of ski jumping all right. What may look insane to the average human being is just another day'€™s work for Nick Alexander of Lebanon, NH. Alexander is the lone New Englander on the US Men'€™s Olympic ski jumping team and the 21-year-old will taste the Olympic competition for the first time. Alexander has put his time into this competition. Just look at the video where he is training for ski jumping in the summer, yeah, no snow. According to his website, Alexander started jumping at the age of 10. This doesn'€™t seem like a sport for young men who are 10 years old, but if it gets you to the Olympic Games more power to you. Alexander, and the rest of the US ski jumpers, are paying their own way to get to Vancouver, proving that the Olympic Dream is still alive and burning. To see a list of all the US Olympic hopefuls click here.