Tatum vs Hawks

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Friday's Mashup: It all starts (again) for Celtics tonight

Nick "Fitzy" Stevens
July 30, 2020 - 6:29 pm

Happy Friday! The NHL is restarting. The NBA is underway. And yes, we have baseball too. The dream is reality. WE HAVE SPORTS! The shot of energy we all need this year.

Also now we don't have to pretend we love watching made-up sports anymore. 


Celtics vs Bucks - 6:30 p.m., ESPN

Night two of the NBA restart sees a possible Eastern Conference Finals preview with the Celtics taking on the top-seeded Bucks. [Bart Scott voice> CAN'T WAIT!


With the NBA restart underway the Celtics draw a whale of an opening opponent in the Bucks, the first of eight games to finalize seeding in the Eastern Conference. The Celtics sit at the #3 seed now, just a game and a half behind the Toronto Raptors for the #2 seed. Some experts say the Celtics have the right mix of youth, leadership and offense to potentially upset the Bucks and represent the East. Some are concerned that Kemba's knee is still an issue and it won't hold up long enough to let him contribute to the All-Star level he's capable of. This and many other questions abound. Will Hayward's possible bubble absence affect the team significantly. Can Jayson Tatum continue his top-flight level of play from before the March stoppage? Will Jaylen Brown continue to refine his all-around game? Who will be the big man to step in and help against the likes of Embiid and Giannis? And will everyone behave long enough to keep the team healthy while playing against the backdrop of the bubble? Gonna have to watch and wait on these, but the one thing we know is that this ist as intriguing as any pre-playoff run in Celtics history. Thinking here is the tea goes as far as Kemba's knee, and their Big 3, take them. Hayward, Brown and Tatum can go for 70 a night? See you in Orlando...in late October.

Best big threes in the NBA bubble --

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Seems the Patriots have passed their first test...and their second. As they're, so far, one of only eight NFL teams to not have any players test positive for COVID-19. After a week of opt-outs of major players due to COVID-19 concerns this is a step in the right direction as a pivotal training camp gets underway.


Joe Kelly was always a popular player during his time with the Red Sox. And he reached cult-like status after his brawl with Tyler Austin and the Yankees back in 2018.

He's become a viral sensation again after his dustup with the Astros the other night. This photoshop making the rounds, though it should be noted it's from a fan account. Still, Joe Kelly will always have a place in the Boston sports fan heart. He gets us. He belongs here. And if we could serve his suspension for him we would.

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Many, from fans to media alike, groused loudly over the 2020 NFL 100 rankings, especially the top 10, which saw Patrick Mahomes ranked absurdly as only the 4th best player, and 3rd best QB. Thankfully some logic prevailed as Adam Schein did the 2019 season some justice and re-ranked the Top 10 the way most of us would have.


Today we eschew the usual funnies or fails in this spot for something more savory; a roadmap and ranking of the best burger in each state across the country. Bucket list , OUT! Burger list, in! So much variety, and so many different takes and tastes for the unmistakable king of comfort food. Quick question: anyone ever heard of their top spot in Mass? Is it that good? Love to hear some of your other faves in the area. We have thoughts on this. And would love to field test your opinion.


For those as fired up for football and to see Cam Newton play for the Patriots, here's a nice flashback to when he was at Auburn and lead one of the school's greatest comebacks, against one of the great machines in football history (featuring Dont'a Hightower, no less).