Friday's Mashup: Overwhelming reaction to Edelman's overture to DeSean Jackson

Nick "Fitzy" Stevens
July 09, 2020 - 8:32 pm

Happy Friday! You did it! Another week in the books. Now you've got weekend.

Maybe a little storm on the overnight, but after the storm comes sun...and sports. Let's grab a drink and party!


Greyhound - Apple TV+

This is the new Tom Hanks movie, available as of today on the Apple TV+ service. And while we usually recommend sports here, we too have kind of had enough with old games. How about a new movie? How about a WWII movie described in one review as "dad war porn"? We're in!


Julian Edelman stirred the sports world in the right direction Thursday with his compassionate response, and offer to, DeSean Jackson, on the heels of his controversial posts this week. Jackson's posts were anti-Semitic, upsetting people of all faiths nationwide. Athletes, former teammates, politicians, broadcasters...virtually everyone denounced the posts. But instead of shouting down Jackson and his message, Edelman extended an olive branch, offering to accompany Jackson to the US Holocaust Memorial Museum in DC to help give the receiver some perspective. What Jackson chooses to do from here is his choice. But Edelman drew praise universally for his message. With the likes of football voices such as Adam Schefter, NFL Media and his own team saluting the receiver for his understanding, willingness to not overreact and above all leadership. Exactly what we need at a time like this regionally on the Patriots, but as much nationally with the year 2020 has been so far. L'Chaim, Julian!


Football fans are waiting on every word, decision, edict and recommendation from the league regarding the 2020 season and how things will proceed in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic. Most fans and media alike believe the league will err on the side of caution with regards to any activities not related to the game itself. But something about this policy 

So...hitting each other, sweating all over and being in the general vicinity of several other sweaty humans for three hours is OK. But giving a fist bump or swapping jerseys with another player postgame is not OK? Umm...yeah. Presented without further comment.


Because every day you, the Pats fan, want and need some more reasons to get psyched about the new QB1, here's a quick video of how reverent he was when walking the field of Brady and Belichick but a year ago...


Please, help each other out and wear a mask. Here are a few fun and friendly reminders to do as much for your fellow man and fan in the pandemic.

Oakland has fully embraced the "cat tail" beard.

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All the real ones remember having, or wanting, these sheets back in the day.

And to get you more excited for the return of Red Sox, here's a quick trip to Fenway Feels with an epic playoff comeback.

Big Papi 3 run homer. JD Drew walk off. Red Sox complete one of the biggest comebacks in postseason history in game 5 of the ALCS (2008)

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