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Friday's Mashup: TB12 channels FDR

Nick "Fitzy" Stevens
June 25, 2020 - 7:27 pm

Happy Friday! Weekend with good weather and a chance to enjoy some summer. You're almost there...


2018 Red Sox Postseason Encore ALDS Game 4: Red Sox at New York Yankees - 8pm, NESN

Rule 34 of Sox Fandom: Never ever pass up a chance to rewatch a Yankee Elimination game. Ever.


Tom Brady continues to make headlines in Tampa, continuing group practices with his Tampa Bay teammates during the COVID-19 pandemic, despite warnings to the contrary by the NFLPA.

The workouts, which are well over a dozen players, would probably go unnoticed if they weren't staged in public parks and fields. But Brady isn't doing his cause much good by making mention of them on his social media. This time invoking the spirit of the late great President Frnaklin Roosevelt, with his most famous quote. An obvious mention to not backing down in fear of the virus, despite medical recommendations otherwise. Maybe you think it's fine what Brady is doing because he's a hard worker and this is his grind, what he knows, preparation. We celebrated it for decades. Maybe you think it's kind of obnoxious because others are heeding medical advice so hy can't he? Also maybe we're a bit scorned. Plus it doesn't help that he said "Football is fun again" down in Tampa. Whatever the case it's a risk Brady's taking. Plus, maybe using the FDR line in a pandemic wasn't the best idea?

Coming off that Brady story, which can be a bit depressing for some Foxboro Faithful, how about a quick hit of Grade-A championship-caliber #PatsPorn to cheer you up?


Ahhh. OK, there. Moving on...


"If you play it...they will come. But just watch it from outside." And we'd be totally into it. Tailgate viewing to be near the game and simulate the experience versus just watching from home? Heck, we've opined before that drive-ins would make for great viewing spaces so as to share the communal sporting excitement. Whatever brings us together, safely, for the joy of football and stuffing ourselves with meats, salty snacks and suds? COUNT US IN.


Arizona Cardinals HC, and current offensive wunderkind, Kliff Kingsbury, at one time had a short tint on the Patriots. Even has a Super Bowl ring to remember it by! Remember that? We sorta did. But thanks to this great IG account we stumbled across, @bostonsportsthrowback, we get a vintage look at one of the coaches the Pats will face in 2020...and one of Brady’s many backups during his twenty years with the Pats.

Kliff Kingsbury (2003)

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