Monday's Mashup: Tom Brady delivers commencement address

Nick "Fitzy" Stevens
May 31, 2020 - 2:27 pm

Good morning! Happy Monday! Happy June! Yes, it's June already. Hoping this finds you and yours healthy, safe and sound. Let's get your week started with the Monday Mashup. And what better way to begin than with an epic mash ...

That might be the furthest home run hit in MLB history. Remember Baseball? Yeah, that was fun. Also belated HBD to Manny!


2007 Red Sox Postseason Encore ALCS Game 7: Red Sox vs. Cleveland Indians - 8 p.m., NESN

Speaking of baseball, Manny and the Sox...for those missing all three and like watching games where the Sox win the pennant...


Tom Brady delivered in the clutch over the weekend, again. This time as the commencement speaker, albeit in a virtual capacity, for The Forman School, a boarding school of high school age in Litchfield, CT for children with learning disabilities. In the address, Brady, the former co-chair of The Best Buddies Foundation, discusses many of his failures along the way that both humbled and inspired him to continue working hard, including his first pass at Michigan; a pick-six. Brady was light of heart at times but always motivational and inspirational of word. "Things aren't handed to you as you get older..." (tell us about it) "... In fact, the things that I learned over the course of my life was the things that I actualy worked for the most, that's what I value the most." Great to see Brady's leadership, something we as Patriots fans enjoyed and took heart in for two decades, shining through once again. To watch the address in it's entirety CLICK HERE.


As a Pats fan, I would never let any family member put the hat of any other team on my childrens' heads, no matter who it came from or why. Which is why I repsect this grandfather, even though he's a Giants fan. His pride and principles are in the right place...and at video's end so is the Eagles hat.


Pats might want to take a look at this dog in case Dan Vitale, who we have high hopes for, doesn't work out replacing Develin at FB.


A voice of reason, from a platform of authority, in a sea of unrest and distrust. If only there were more people in charge who could engage with this level of unity and calm.


Derek Lowe, longtime Red Sox starter and unsung 2004 postseason star, who turns 47 years old today. Lowe, part of the most lopsided trade in Sox if not MLB history, pitched for seven teams in his career (yeah, I forgot he pitched for the Yankees, too).