Monday's Mashup: OBJ to New England in 2020 a no-go

Nick "Fitzy" Stevens
July 06, 2020 - 6:00 am

Happy Monday! Hope everyone made the connection and had a safe, healthy and happy 4th of July weekend.

THAT WAS AWESOME. -- (via @rickyireland88)

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Summer is in full swing. Live sports in less than three weeks. And Kanye for President. 


2014: Kansas City Chiefs @ Indianapolis Colts - 8 p.m., NFL Network

While 28-3 will remain the GOAT of comebacks in the NFL, there were other epic playoff comebacks, like this January 2015 thriller between the Colts and Chiefs, that saw Alex Smith and company get out to a monstrous lead. Then Jamaal Charles got injured. Andy Reid did his usual Andy Reid thing. And Andrew Luck went to work.


With Cam Newton joining the Patriots the buzz and sex appeal of the Foxboro football franchise have skyrocketed. Expectations are higher. The win total and Super Bowl odds are raised. And there's been rumors of friends or former teammates wanting to join Newton and Belichick. But it seems one Pro Bowl player won't be requesting a change of uniform to play alongside Superman. Odell Beckham, Jr., who's been linked previously to the Patriots, took to the Twitter machine to shoot down any rumors of a request to call One Patriot Place his new place of employment. Seems OBJ and Cam did some offseason workouts together, and with those whispers that Beckham wanted out of Cleveland still swirling you can see why some thought the Patriots would be a logical destination. Alas, he'll have to pursue his dream in The Land. And Cam and his new BFF WR, a motivated Mohamed Sanu, will have to try and make it 12 straight AFC East Championships on their own. 


People are still buzzing over Cam Newton's outfit upon arrival in Boston. Oh, we're not talking about how it happened, or his potential with the Patriots. We're talking about the outfit he wore, sort of a muscular Hamburgler romper. Of course the outfit people can't wait to see is Newton in a Pats jersey. The mocks and photoshops have been flying fast and furious the past week.

Speaking of photoshop...what about his postgame attire? For a fearless fashion plate like Newton this would fit in perfectly with his new home crowd.


More like, "Because We've Need This For Decades"! Seriously, it's been this easy all along?


87 years ago today the first MLB All Star Game (tagline, "This time it counts! Because it's the first time!") took place in Chicago, IL. Some old timer named George Herman Ruth hit the first homer. Never heard of him personally. Guess he played for the Sox for a hot minute?