Monday's Mashup: Redskins name, logo to be retired

Nick "Fitzy" Stevens
July 13, 2020 - 7:26 am

Happy Monday! Welcome back. Just a week and a half until baseball returns! And then basketball, then ready? The returning athletes sure look it.


Red Sox Classics Red Sox vs. Detroit Tigers (Game: July 24, 2015) - NESN, 7pm

Inch one game closer to the 2020 Red Sox season with this nail-biter from five years back.


Word spread late Sunday evening that the Washington Redskins will be no more, and on Monday morning the team confirmed they will retire the name and logo upon completion of their review process. Washington had played under the same name for 87 years (they began play in Boston in 1932 as the Boston Braves before switching to Redskins in 1933). Majority owner Daniel Snyder, who's been unpopular with his team's fans for many years, had resisted the change for years despite calls for a renaming. Some fans and football media has taken to calling them "the Washington football team", feeling the nickname of Redskins was derogatory if not racist to Indigenous Americans. But with long-overlooked social issues taking front and center, and sponsors, including FedEx, who has naming rights to the team's stadium, calling for the change, Snyder and company have decided a new name is in the team's best interest. After today Redskins apparel, merchandise and memorabilia will officially become collectors items to some, a symbol of the past to others.

Many have speculated as to what the team may change their name to, with Vegas even posting odds on it. The clubhouse leader, and our favorite here: 


Cam Newton hype continues to build in New England and Pats Nation. With every workout video of Newton and a Pats player, or one of his own motivational rants, the excitement grows and expectations increase for the QB's return to action, and his new team's outlook. Most expect Newton will seize the job, though it appears the hype and Newton's resume will not just earn him a spot under center this season. No denying how his signing has changed the narrative in New England the past few weeks. Hard not to get excited for the competition and season ahead. In case you need a daily dose of homemade Cam hype here you go:

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Free agent defensive lineman Damon Harrison, known as Snacks, still doesn't have a team for 2020 after being released by the Detroit Lions in February. And while there's no imminent sign he'll be inking a new deal anywhere soon, the rumor mill generated a little buzz over the weekend that maybe Snacks was in town to talk to the Patriots after a fan noticed he tweeted about enjoying a Foxborough restaurant. With the Pats in need of some defensive line depth, not to mention freeing up some salary cap space this weekend, the move would make sense if Snacks still has some gas in the tank.

RUMOR: Damon Harrison SR looks like he visited the Patriots today. This tweet about Union Straw, a restaurant located in Foxboro, was recently deleted. The nose tackle went undrafted in 2012 and played for the Jets, Giants, and Lions. Here’s his career stats; Total Tackles: 484 Sacks: 11.0 Forced Fumbles: 4 Pass Deflections: 10 Interceptions: 1

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A laugh. A big old laugh. That's what we all could use every day no matter what. And Family Feud has delivered more than it's fair share of classic moments and big laughs for decades. But former Buffalo Bill Bruce Smith's outrageous answer on last night's Celebrity edition of the show is an all-time classic. And Steve Harvey's response is what we were all thinking.


21 years ago today Pedro Martinez pitched perhaps the most impressive two innings in All Star Game if not Red Sox history, striking out five of six powerfull batters at the 1999 All Star Game @ Fenway Park. Some say he injured himself pitching so hard as he dismantled the lumber of the NL that night at Fenway. Bet if you asked Pedro he's say it was worth it. Still gives you the best kind of chills whe you watch it.