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Monday's Mashup: Sanu, Stidham making connection

Nick "Fitzy" Stevens
June 22, 2020 - 6:00 am

Happy Monday! Hope everyone had a great Father's Day. Dad naps and family cookouts galore. Summer's officially in full swing. Let's get after it!


Super Bowl LI: New England Patriots vs. Atlanta Falcons - 8 p.m., NFL Network

Not gonna apologize for promoting a rewatch of the greatest comeback in all postseason history. When it runs, we watch it. Plus, with things looking kinda 28-3 for live sports these days...


Now that the NFL has discouraged group workouts as an extra precaution against the spread of COVID-19, it's up to the individual players to make sure they're preparing as best they can for the season. This sometimes involves a heavy dose of rehabilitation, as is the case with Patriots received Mohamed Sanu, who's recovering from offseason ankle surgery. Sanu is looking for a bounceback year after a disappointing run with the Pats following his trade from Atlanta. Perhaps a large degree of that can be chalked up to his ankle injury vs. the Eagles last November. In recent social media postings Sanu has looked game ready and in phenomenal shape. And this has caught the eye of his new QB, Jarrett Stidham, who actually shared some excitement for Sanu's progress on a recent post.

Where the BS begins I end that..

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If these two can get on the same page and connect quickly on the field it will go a long way in aiding Stidham's growth, getting Sanu back on track and helping the Pats offense evolve.


Despite the nice weather these are certainly trying times. But we can't lose hope. Not in sports, not in life. Especially when a blind man makes his first-ever free throw attempt. Anything is possible, right KG?


"You can not be serious!" - 39 years ago today John McEnroe's epic tirade against a line judge in a tennis match became an overnight sensation. It took a while for things pre-internet to go viral, if you will. But trust me, everyone knew about this meltdown, perhaps the greatest sports tirade of all-time, in no time.