Monday's Mashup: The bizarre Gronk-hosted WrestleMania was something

Nick "Fitzy" Stevens
April 06, 2020 - 6:00 am

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If Red can do it ...

CDC recommends everyone to wear a face mask in public. ————————————————- I need someone to go to Faneuil hall and give Red a Celtics mask and we need someone to make some Celtics related masks that I can purchase and give out/distribute to those in need... Who’s making them --

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Welcome to the Morning Mashup for Monday, April 6th, 2020 (we need the reminder on the date as well). These are a few of our favorite things we decided you need to see, read and enjoy to start your day. Because chances are you were too busy wondering if the President’s prediction of the NFL season starting on time would come true, or shaking your head after you realized you’d been folding your bag of chips the wrong way all this time.

BROADCAST HIGHLIGHT: 2011 Stanley Cup Playoffs Eastern Conference Final Game 1: Bruins vs. Tampa Bay Lightning, 8 p.m., NESN


WrestleMania 36 was the sporting highlight of the weekend, or the last month, really.

The pre-taped, two-day spectacular was a far cry from the sold-out Pontiac Silverdome of WrestleMania III (that saw Hulk Hogan bodyslam all 500 pounds of Andre The Giant. But what it lacked in fan presence and live interactions it made up for in choreography and production value. Especially in Saturday’s Boneyard match between The Undertaker and AJ Styles (it was like “Evil Dead 2” meets the fight scene from “They Live”). And while the verdict is smashing success for the event, the jury is kinda still out on the event’s host, Gronk. Who brought his signature enthusiasm, maybe too much so, along with an outfit from a Culture Club video.

Oh, and Gronk managed to come away with another title ... because that's what he does.



Still swelling with Patriots Pride and Foxboro Feels over the generosity of Robert Kraft buying those N95 masks for Massachusetts and New York hospital workers? The indelible images of AirKraft1 flying in to the rescue, The Patriots 18-wheeler rolling down I-95 flanked by staties? It was such a magnificent gesture, such a unifying act of kindness in a time of crisis, that it truly brought the improbable; the NY Post thanking the Patriots on the front cover of the paper (you might want to print and frame this one).


Ryan Hannable posted a piece on about the Vegas betting lines for the 2020 Patriots being out, and believe it or not they’re favored in half their games. I know, you’re thinking the same thing we are; they’ll all pay for their lack of faith in Belichick, McDaniels and Stidham.



While we’re on the subject of the Patriots playing a part in healing a nation under duress, take a few minutes to enjoy this behind-the-scenes piece on U2’s iconic halftime show from Super Bowl XXXVI, arguably the GOAT halftime show. Certainly the most emotional and cathartic.


You aren’t quarantining correctly if you’re a dad and you’re not spending your days hitting monster dingers off your kids (wait for the celebration at the end) EMBED --> 


“One of the things that I like to always say I was better than anything was a great teammate.” Kevin Garnett to Paul Pierce and Reese Davis on ESPN about his induction into the Basketball Hall of Fame. 

Remember: It’s been over three weeks without live sports, 20 days since Brady took his talents to Tampa, and 428 days since our last duck boat parade. Stay strong, my friends.