Wednesday's Mashup: Reactions aplenty to Gronk trade

Nick "Fitzy" Stevens
April 22, 2020 - 7:00 am

Monday: Patriots reveal new uniforms for 2020 season.

Tuesday: Patriots reveal new logo for 2020 season.

The shock ’n awe of 2020 continued Tuesday, with news late afternoon that Gronk decided to un-retire and was traded by the Patriots to the Buccaneers to reunite with Brady. Gronk & Brady together again. We thought it inevitable but unrealistic. And now, well, here we are.

Q: if Brady’s arrival changed it Tompa Bay, what does Gronk’s addition make it?

The Buccs were already loaded on offense before the greatest tight end ever, and current WWE 24/7 champion, arrived. Now Vegas has them as a Top 4 favorite for the Super Bowl. So long as this season gets played everyone should be in for quite a show. 


NFL Rewind: AFC Championship, Patriots vs Chiefs - 1/20/2019 - CBS Sports Network, 8 p.m.

(for those who care to relive the thrills and clutch connections of the penultimate game of Brady and Gronk on the Patriots)


Gronk is larger than life (has anyone and their lifestyle been more tailor-made for Tampa Bay, ever?), and his deal brought about Gronk-sized chatter Tuesday. Reactions aplenty poured in from all corners of the internet after the Gronk trade was announced. On a professional level some local sportsfolk were in favor of the trade.

And some unsurprisingly were not.

Pats fans, who haven’t had it “too thin” in recent year, but haven’t exactly enjoyed a banner 2020 (who has?), seemed to take it better than expected (we're in this camp, FWIW).

Well, most of them ...

Tampa, who might be one of the few organizations having a good 2020, just started celebrating and borderline trolling the league.

While division rival Carolina had their fun at the expense of Gronk’s New Year’s escapades (if the social media teasing in the NF C South is any indication of the season to come then 2020 will be unreal).

Media outside of town took a victory lap, but why wouldn’t they when it’s at the expense of their hometown team’s oppressor?

And while many in the media praised Tampa for acquiring a talent like Gronk’s for an affordable price, one was brave enough to praise the man many thought it easy to criticize.

Like the deal or hate it. Excited for Tompa Bay or nah. Whatever the case there’s no denying they should be quite a show. And that it'll be better to see Gronk on football than at Gronk Beach or selling creams (though this is a helluva good promo for CBD oil's effectiveness). And that the Patriots, past or present, continue to set the dialogue and move the needle year round. Never a dull moment.


The 2011 Stanley Cup Champion Bruins got together for a ZOOM watch party, broadcast live on YouTube, of their Game 7 win over the Vancouver Canucks in the SC Finals Tuesday night. And for fans of the team, especially that team, it was the most fun you could have outside seeing the team play again. Or just going outside. Highlights included players getting drunk (apparently Gregory Campbell was hammered), toasts, roasts, someone allegedly letting one rip (we have our suspicions) and the kind of good vibes that team gave off all season, right till the very end when they brought Lord Stanley’s Cup back to Boston.


“Somewhere inside, we hear a voice. It leads us in the direction of the person we wish to become. But it is up to us whether or not to follow.”  -- Former NFL player and US Army Ranger Pat Tillman, who left football to serve his country and lost his life in the field of battle in Afghanistan 16 years ago today. RIP.