Patriots fans react to Brady in Tampa uniform

Nick "Fitzy" Stevens
June 16, 2020 - 3:20 pm

"Hurts my soul"

"Feels like a glitch in the matrix"

"This makes me sick to my stomach"


"I don't deserve this"

These were some of the many reactions shared by Patriots fans on social media Tuesday when the Buccaneers posted the first official photos of Tom Brady in his Buccaneers uniform. In addition to a flurry of vomit emojis, celebrity crying memes and general imagery of sadness.

The jerseys are sharp, for sure. And Brady looks as fit, pliable, hydrated and handsome as ever. That's not the point. His name and number are officially on a different professional jersey for the first time in twenty years. To call it jarring would be an understatement.

Brady even took to his IG to share a singular image, with a signature caption that Pats fans knew to be their shared motto with him for ages. Seeing him ready to roll with his patented fire and emotion but not in Pats colors? To be perfectly frank, it...well, it's ALL CAPS: PFW (Pretty Freaking Weird).


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This was a predictable deluge of dislike from Pats fans. We're salty. We'll miss him. We apologize for none of it. Of course many celebrities and former teammates liked them, using emojis of encouragement for the TB12 TB jerseys. And fans of other teams, who knew that this would be a tough look for Pats fans? Well...

And someone was even thoughtful enough to think of yours truly when they dropped.