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Thursday's Mashup: Antonio Brown teases Pats reunion on IG

Nick "Fitzy" Stevens
July 09, 2020 - 6:00 am

Happy Thursday! Important impending summer weekend update.


PRIDE OF THE YANKEES - 8 p.m., MLB Network

Get ready for the return of baseball while simultaneously checking a movie off yout "Can't believe I never watched this!" list with this 1942 classic about the life of Lou Gehrig starring the great Gary Cooper


Right around the same time Pats fans were giddy over the official announcement of Cam Newton, AB posts a photo of himself, in a Pats uniform, on Instagram. Could it mean AB back to the NEP is on? 


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But those texts! His scorned tweets towards ownership after his release! The bag 'o dicks! Could he have maintained ties with more than just TB12 all this time? Could Mike Giardi, who joined WEEI Thursday July 2nd and said there was "no chance" AB was going back to Foxborough, be wrong? Are Cam and AB a thing, like Cam and Sanu? The whole proposition puts Pats fans into a bit of a moral conundrum, because Brown has issues (understatement of the year). But if this is more than him teasing his interest, or a return to NFL action elsewhere, or just trying to stay in the headlines? Pats fans are gonna lose their mind, and expectations for a team, that are surging daily, will be off the charts. Farewell, morals! It'll be time to start scrubbing social media. BUSINESS MAY BE BOOMIN AGAIN!

And for those wondering if signing AB to the Pats would be possible, given the Patriots limited salary cap flexibility...


Speaking of why Pats fans were hype late Wednesday afternoon...

Hungrier than ever.

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That was kinda, as the kids say, fire. As is this edit of Cam in a Pats jersey (Cam jerseys for sale @ Pro Shop with #1 as his number, FYI).

Also, if this Cam to Sanu throwmance is real then we should be getting more excited by the day. So long as Sanu's confidence is warranted.

If you’re reading this you can’t cover me...

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With a bit of those #TBT vibes, and some returning Celtics pride, we remind you that the C's are coming. Tatum. Jaylen. Kemba. Heyward. And this guy...


A Foxboro friendly reminder that 28-3 actually meant something positive long before Super Bowl 51. This was a great Pats playoff win. And look at how young Mr. Kraft looks. And a Keith Byars sighting!

Patriots dominate the fog bowl against the Steelers in the Divisional round 28-3 (1997)

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