Thursday's Mashup: Back to school for Brady?

Nick "Fitzy" Stevens
May 20, 2020 - 8:07 pm

Happy Thursday! Happy one month till Summer! Happy 70 days since major sports were postponed! Happy days that things are opening up-ish! Happy to be here another day! Now let's grab our quarantine breakfast and get after it.


NBA Rewind: 1986 Celtics vs. Rockets Game 6 - NBC Sports Boston, 8 p.m.

Who doesn't want to enjoy the Celtics clinch an NBA Finals on home court on a Throwback Thursday?


Seems Tom Brady, usually the teacher (begrudgingly so at times as we learned in his final days in Foxboro), enjoyed a bit of a role reversal the other day. Seems down in Tampa it was Brady who became the pupil at times at his impromptu practice in the park with his new teammates. Said one of his new tight ends, the Harvard educated Cameron Brate, "It’s a little weird now working with him at the beginning of his Bucs tenure because we’re kinda teaching him our verbiage." Brate was relatively confident it would be Brady teaching them the ways of The TB 12 Method in no time. Hopefully, it doesn't turn into an awkward sales meeting for TB12 immunity boosters. Still, you're never too old to learn, and it turns out you can teach old GOAT new tricks. I hate myself for typing that, too.


As we've mentioned here of our favorite local side effects of "The Last Dance" was the Larry Bird love that's come about. The appreciation for Larry Legend and the competitive battles between him and Jordan, on the court and off. Like appreciation for his game, Bird's reputation as an all-time trash talker, every bit as filthy as Jordan, has gained traction of late. Which is every bit as rewarding as his on-court accomplishments. Please enjoy...preferably with headphones.


Seems the most Masshole of leisure sports took another blow this week, as Colonial Bowling Center of Worcester, the home of candlepin, announced they will be closing for good. Well it's not for good. It sucks. I should have said permanently. Dang COVID-19, interrupting and taking so much of what we love. Once bowling re-opens, in whatever phase that is, and you feel safe, you can honor the great Wootown innovation at a number of stilll operating family bowl centers. Then get some fried clams or steak tips afterward and cut someone off on the drive home. You'll feel right again for a moment.


Get your deal together, and try to find a way back onto the diamond as soon as you can, MLB. Because if these guys don't return soon seems there's a talented generation of future stars just waiting to take their spots, from all sides.

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