Thursday's Mashup: No more New Era in Buffalo

Nick "Fitzy" Stevens
July 15, 2020 - 9:35 pm

Happy Thursday! T-Minus eight days till MLB 2020 is live! Which begs the question; ball or strike?

He had to go back and hit the shot again to silence the doubters. -- (via @yw_andrew)

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Wouldn't be surprised if this guy gets a shot before the abbreviated season ends. Because 2020, right? (drink)


Super Bowl XXXV: Ravens vs Giants - 8 p.m., NFL Network

If you can stay awake for the rebroadcast of Super Bowl 47 at 11pm that's the far better and more memorable game. But if you call it a night early this dominant performance by one of the great defenses of all-time should do.


A new New Era yet again for the Bills. Though this has nothing to do with the team on the field, rather the naming rights to the field itself. Not sure entirely why New Era requested the dissolution of their agreement, but the stadium affectionately known as "The Ralph" is seeking corporate sponsorship once again. Perhaps we might suggest a few names? Like Sex Toy Stadium, for when a piece or erotic paraphenalia, shall we say, was hurled Chris Hogan's way, back in 2016 (tackle by Stephon Gilmore!) Ah, what a moment.

And then if we were into namig the stadium after the winningest QB during the "New Era Field" run...


Your latest Cam Newton social media, workouts, hype videos, artwork and more. Today we share a workout IG coupled nicely with an all-time quote, alongside some fan art. Sure, there will be a competition this summer for QB1, but if the on-field play meets the off-field intensity and flare? Sorry, Stid.

“Ï HÄTĒD ĒVĒR¥ MÏÑŪTĒ ØF TRÄÏÑÏÑG, bût ï šâïd, DØÑ'T QŪÏT❕šûffër ñøw âñd łïvë thë rëšt øf ÿøûr łïfë âš â ČHÄM₽1ØÑ"‼️ -mûhâmmâd âłï #šhïñëTHRŪthëŠHÄDĒ #ñøtFØRłïkëšJŪŠTførŁÏFĒ -1ØVĒ----

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Artwork created by me Patriots - 2020 @patriots #chaneygraphics

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To get an idea as to what some of the many financial hurdles and questions surrounding the season to come might be check out this piece by Pats twitter public enemy #1 and frequent guest of The Greg Hill Show, Ben Volin. Not nerly as clear and easy as you might think to get them back on the field, healthy, and compensated accordingly.


Help support The Travis Roy Foundation, like our pal and midday co-host Rich Keefe below, by following these guidelines and participating in the #BatterUpTRF Challenge. It's pretty just need a wiffle ball, bat and a friend to film your dinger.


Because every story needs a happy ending...with a great soundtrack. So this happened...

And then this happened. And people say the internet is all anger and mud-slinging (and blue checkmark hacking and shaming --  ).


They don't make them like they used to. This is the way sports endorsements and beer commercials should be.

Celtics Miller Lite commercial (1980)

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