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Thursday's Mashup: What a win fans in the stands would be

Nick "Fitzy" Stevens
June 24, 2020 - 7:36 pm

Happy Thursday! Ready to crush this day like Big Vince and get to Friday, which means it's practically weekend.


2018 Red Sox Postseason Encore ALDS Game 3: Red Sox at New York Yankees - 8 p.m., NESN

You remember this one! The one that prompted Alex Cora to say this famous line.


With word spreading Wednesday that some MLB teams were planning to, or hoping to make an attempt to, host fans live at games in 2020, fans in the Boston area couldn't help but wonder if there would be any chance to take in a game from the confines of America's most beloved ballpark in this season. No word from other teams if they plan to allow fans into their parks for any part of their abbreivated season. All bets are seemingly off as COVID-19 infection rates spread and fluctuate on an almost daily basis throughout the country. Plus Boston, and Massachusetts on the whole, have been exceedingly cautious in re-opening plans. Which is working. We're still just at Phase 2.2 now. Nobody is counting on it, obviously. But can you imagine what it would be like if for one night, or even a few, a select group of fans were able to watch the Sox versus whoever on a warm August or September night. Safely. Remotely. Maybe three to five thousand fans in the park, tops. Logistically and financially it makes no sense. But neither does most of 2020. Man...what a win that would be. The juice those fans would pump into the team! Beat the ballpants off of silent baseball for sure. We don't recommend you watch the whole game below. But just take in a few minutes to get an idea what you're in store for this truncated season.


It's like The Mashup's version of Freezing Cold Takes. How delightfully wrong this is. And how delightfully good Jaylen's become (secretly kinda quietly getting super psyched for the National Bubble Association's return in a month...)

Happy 4th Anniversary

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Thanks to technology, generosity and family we get to share in a father's reaction to seeing things color appropriate for the first time in his life. And it's amazing. Bet he hated that Jets/Bills TNF Color Rush game like the rest of us.

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Too soon! Enough Brady! I can't! Whatever your response to this...when stumbling upon said clip we couldn't help but share it. This pregame ritual was one of everyone's favorite for years. And to think he might but run onto the field at Gillettte Stadium one more time, and not get to pump up the crowd, signature "Let's go!!!"...SIGH. I know, I know. We're on to 2020 (we hope). It is what it is. Etc., did we have it great.