Tuesday's Mashup: Doubters come for Newton to Pats

Nick "Fitzy" Stevens
June 30, 2020 - 6:00 am

Happy Tuesday! It's the last day of June. Last day of the last month of no major live sports. And speaking of droughts ending...Boston's MVP drought is over!

Now to work on that duck boat drought. On with The Mash...


Bruins Classics 2010 Winter Classic: Bruins vs. Philadelphia Flyers (from 1/1/10) - 7 p.m., NESN

Few things look cooler on TV in the summer than New Year's Day hockey from a baseball park. Especially hen you know real hockey's return is in a month.


News of the Patriots signing Cam Newton, and at such a reduced rate, was met with mostly universal approval Sunday evening into the early hours of Monday. And rightly so, considering his skill set, motivation, the team and coaching staff he's headed to. Could be a perfect storm of low-risk high-reward success. But we had to expect a flip side to the coin of adulation and excitement. I mean, it's modern sports, and this is Boston...temporary joy turning into criticism is the weather we're most comfortable in. And sure enough, from social media to traditional broadcast, voices of dissent and disbelief flowed as freely as the celebratory beers of but a night ago. For example - on the radio, Colin Cowherd, who one-day pumps, then the next day deflates, Foxboro tires, says he thinks this won't make of a difference for Patriots 2020.

On TV, Adam Schein said the Newton signing doesn't do anything to sway his belief in 2020 being the year of the Bills in the AFC East (Vegas disagrees).

And in print, our old pal/dependable troll, Manish Mehta of the NY Daily News (yes, it's still in circulation), made sure to do his job and try to take the air out of the Newton news.

And on the social media/analytics front...a few familiar faces weighed in, saying they thought the reason behind a potential failure for Newton was not him, nor the coaches...but the supporting cast he was joining.

Worst in the league? Poorly suited to Cam's skills? Time will tell, but stop me if you've heard this before...we can definitely expect all this, and any other doubt cast on Newton and the 2020 Patriots, to be immediate virtual bulletin board material and fuel for the actual football fire. If tbey play. Please let them find a way to play.


OK, maybe they're listening to us and really trying to find a way to play!


If this one doesn't hit you right in the feels...well, it'll be a good test to make sure you still have feels, and they work. Father's Day bar raised going forward.


While we have faith in the receivers, backs and weapons Newton will be presented with, some, if not many don't. And if they're to make that assessment they best either have the stats to back it up, or find a way to make us laugh. Herein someone accomplished the former.