Tuesday's Mashup: Stephon Gilmore gets top Madden 21 rating

Nick "Fitzy" Stevens
July 13, 2020 - 3:36 pm

Good morning and Happy Tuesday! Putting in the work. Gotta burn it to earn it, my friends.


2019: Buccaneers vs Rams, 8pm - NFL Network

See Tom Brady's new team, without him, take on the team Brady last defeated for a Super Bowl title, in a high-scoring shootout.


In what many consider a top honor ratings for the Madden 21 video game leaked out Sunday evening, and Patriots cornerback, and reigning NFL DPOY, Stephon Gilmore was tied with Aaron Donald, Patrick Mahomes and Christian McCaffrey for the highest player rating; a 99. That's about as good as it gets, and means you'll want to throw over the other side of the field in the game, kind of like most QBs do in real life versus the Patriots. Gilmore, who has two years left on his five year deal with New England, will have to continue that elite level of play to lead the Patriots defense in transition this season. Even if Cam fires the offense up to top-scoring speed the Pats gotta keep that Gilly Lock on top in the back. And that technique and reputation do not come easy, as...Gilmore has been out there, keeping his game sharp, getting ready for the season wherever, whenever. Cam roars on social media. Gilmore is more the silent assassin type.

Curious what happens if you play the Dolphins and use DeVante Parker on Gilmore. What, TOO SOON? Just askin...


App rec of the day / year; Retro Bowl. Remember how much fun Tecmo Bowl was? How about all that fun in the palm of your hand for endless binary gridiron joy? Back in the day if you played the Bears Walter Payton was unstoppable, and Mike Singletary could track you down from anywhere. Bo Jackson also a beast. Players change, but the game still delivers those basic joys. Download HERE for free from the app store.


Actress Kelly Preston, who many will remember as Tom Cruise's ferocious girlfriend in "Jerry Maguire" (one of the great sports movies of all-time), passed away Monday at the age of 57. Preston, who was married to John Travolta, was also in "Twins" with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito and was a staple of 1980's summer cinema. RIP. 


Following Monday's BWNT, featuring Steve Harvey and Bruce Smith delivering an all-time game show blooper and laugh, let's continue the "people on game shows say ridiculous things and we laugh" motif with this recent gem from a Canadian version of Family Feud. Can't make this stuff up, people! But you can enjoy it endlessly.