Wednesday's Mashup: DeAngelo Hall regrets passing on Patriots

Nick "Fitzy" Stevens
July 08, 2020 - 6:00 am

Hello and Happy Humpday! Week is practically over already.


2018 Saints vs Falcons - 8 p.m., Nfl Network

A Seoptember OT thriller for the books. Also high-scoring old football > no football.


DeAngelo Hall was a very good cornerback for a long time in the NFL. Solid, consistent, durable. One of those, "I wonder how he would've been on the Pats?" type of guys." Well, you're not the only one to wonder, because in an article on Hall is one of many to share his greatest regret, and you guessed's passing up on a chance to join the Pats. "Over a few million, I could've changed my legacy by being part of that dynasty. That was on the table for me, and I wish I would've made the decision to take less money and play for Belichick." Granted, that 2009 team was disappointing. And if Hall signed a four year deal in 2009 there was but one (but one!) Super Bowl appearance for the Pats. But who knows? Maybe he changes the outcome of that big game vs the Giants, or others? Now that we know Hall could've come to Foxboro it's a pretty wicked what if for all parties. As the Guardian of the Grail said, "He chose...poorly."


This is our Cam Newton news dump, where we share info, updates, highlights pics and more we think you might like or need to know. Starting today with Cam's latest IG post, where we see him studying what we assume is the Patriots playbook. Rumored to be difficult to master, though some like our Christian Fauria say it's easy, Newton is feeding into the idea it's tough to grasp with the caption. Which I take to be him having fun with the concept of grasping the plays. That way he looks better when he rocks it this fall. Besides, he's not Brady. He's running it differently. Plus he has the benefit of Edelman, who he tagged in the post, to help him along the way.

"THÏŠ ŠHÏT ČÄŁČŪŁŪŠ"‼️ -@edelman11 "ŠÄ¥ŁĒŠŠ"‼️-- -ßØØG1Ē ------------------------------------ #šhïñëTHRŪthëŠHÄDĒ #ñøtFØRłïkëšJŪŠTførŁÏFĒ -1ØVĒ----

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Because if Cam can't read a defense then how did he do this a few years back?

By the way, if you want to know how to type and text like Cam Newton CLICK HERE.

Next...for the Foxboro Faithful, check out this edit of Cam in a Pats throwback. Why these aren't in the rotation for 2020 is beyond all of us.

Lastly...while in with Lou and Christian for a Tuesday OMF we took a turn for the tagential, trying to decipher Cam Newton's very loud, pronounced signal calling. Laughter ensued.


There's just no way any of us could do this or practice years for this. I refuse to believe this is anything but pure luck or absolute sorcery! And is there anything more annoying than the bocce ringer at the summer cookout?


After the pandemic quarantine of 2020 we'll believe anything. Also I could have used this service once or twice before.


Kudos well deserved to Vince Carter, who got the TV sendoff he deserved after he called the ball officially June 25th, but was done when the action was halted back in March. Great player, clutch shooter, durable and oh those dunks...