Wednesday's Mashup: Rob Parker loves Cam Newton to Pats

Nick "Fitzy" Stevens
July 01, 2020 - 6:00 am

Happy Wednesday! And Happy July! You are now officially in the month of the return of live major sports! We think. Summer AND live sports. Talk about a two-for-one!


2018 Red Sox Postseason Encore World Series Game 2: Red Sox vs. Los Angeles Dodgers - 8 p.m., NESN

A condensed version of an extra-inning World Series loss, but one you know is worth it because of the series result, and the epic effort by Eovaldi.


Ultimate Tag - FOX, 9 p.m.

Reality sells, and game shows are a summer staple, plus there's a pandemic that cripples original TV production. But Tag, on TV? Hosted by The Watt Brothers? No.


As we've covered here on The Mashup, the initial response to Cam Newton: bargain-priced New England Patriot, was largely positive. Then came the inevitable pendulum swing of skepticism and doubt, about Newton's fit in Foxboro, as well as the talent he's soon to be surrounded by. Well wouldn't you know the media chatter swung back in the right direction soon thereafter lead by, of all people, noted Pats hater and Brady detractor Rob Parker on FS1. As you'll see in the clip below, though he is loathed to admit it, Parker believes Newton is a great fit in New England and can do great things with Belichick. All while making sure to take a shot at the GOAT along the way.

No matter what you hear, and however you feel about Newton to New England you have to admit that it's been great thus far. The buzz, the hype, the hope...and Cam hasn't even put on the jersey or stepped onto the field at Gillette! Please find a way to play this fall.


Tuesday had a good meme day, especially in Pats Nation. And sometimes they're too good not share again. Like this classic, the boyfriend looking over the shoulder, done up Brady-Belichick-Cam style.

Also - think about how crazy and incestuous the QB swap circle was this offseason. 1/8th of the league changed signal callers with thrmselves. Insane!

And this one, which gets the 28-3 orientation a football score meme deserves, with a little extra contemporary context.


The NFL shared this video of Colts LB Darius Leonard sharing the story behind his interracial marriage, and it's a powerful message that bears re-sharing on any platform, let alone one that lives to talk football.


Speaking of living for football...this hilarious clip of a woman unable to figure out what side of the car her gas tank was on and how to fill it got the play-by-play treatment, except this time the play-by-play was by comedian Frank Caliendo. A perfect storm of sports, silly and sad all in one.


One year ago today Kemba Walker left the Charlotte Hornets and joined the Boston Celtics on a four year, $141 million deal. The excitement surrounding his arrival muted all of the noise that came with Kyrie's departure to Brooklyn and raised expectations for the C's. Expectations that are lofty again, thanks to a healthy Kemba, and begin anew in just a few weeks from Orlando.