Latest reminder why Anthony Davis trade would've been mistake for Celtics

Nick Friar
January 07, 2020 - 4:53 pm

Anthony Davis has been a force in Los Angeles this season — on both ends of the floor. But without a second star by his side, the forward hadn’t accomplished much, in terms of team success, throughout his career. New Orleans made it to the playoffs twice in his run, going as far as the Western Conference Semifinals once (2018).

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Which is why it didn’t make sense for the Celtics to unload their young talent for Davis last year. Particularly because, at the time of trade talks, Kyrie Irving leaving town looked more likely — and we see now that he’d been planning to go elsewhere for a while.

Furthermore, Davis had his little list of teams he was looking to sign an extension with, and the Celtics weren’t on the list. Then there was the whole thing with his dad not liking how the organization handled Isaiah Thomas. Point is, keeping him in Boston would’ve bee an uphill battle for the Celtics.

Now, one of the teams on his sacred list — and this organization even made it to the shorter, revised version — was the Lakers. So when he was traded there, it seemed like Davis got what he wanted.

Turns out, Davis isn’t ready to commit to settling down in LA past this year.

Chris Haynes of Yahoo Sports is reporting the Lakers offered Davis a four-year extension worth $146 million. But he “will be bypassing an in-season extension in favor of entering unrestricted free agency in July.” Before Davis can become a free agent, he has to decline his player option for 2020-21, which is worth $28.7 million. Haynes is reporting he is “expected to decline” his option, as well.

Again, this is a team Davis wanted to be with. The Celtics weren’t. If Boston had acquired Davis, it wouldn’t have been exactly like 2018-19, but there would’ve been a lot of similarities.

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