Celtics' odds for 2020 NBA Finals title improve after strong November

Nick Friar
December 02, 2019 - 11:31 am

Heading into November, oddsmakers didn’t think the Celtics had much of a chance at winning the 2020 NBA Finals. BetOnline gave Boston 25/1 odds and Sports Book USA only gave the C’s 40/1 odds.

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Both have given the Celtics better odds to start December. BetOnline has the Celtics at 16/1, same as the Nuggets and Raptors. Sports Book USA gave the C’s and Denver 18/1 odds.

BetOnline still has the Sixers (10/1), Rockets (9/1), Bucks (9/2), Lakers (3/1) and Clippers (3/1) ahead of the C’s as title contenders.

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