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Celtics should rethink their current approach to 2020-21 season-ticket holders

Nick Friar
March 20, 2020 - 11:09 am

Shortly after the 2019-20 NBA season was put on hold, the Celtics announced tickets purchased for the suspended games would be honored upon rescheduling. But if the games are canceled or played without fans, those tickets purchased through the team, the TD Garden Box Office, Ticketmaster and Ticketmaster affiliates would either be refunded or fans could receive credit for a future Celtics game.

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Multiple reports also indicate the Celtics will pay team-employed, game night personnel through the scheduled regular season.

But the organization made a misstep with the recent notice sent to 2020-21 season-ticket holders. After acknowledging this is an “unprecedented time for our team, league and country,” in the email, which WEEI.com has obtained, the Celtics informed 2020-21 season-ticket holders their next payment would be processed Friday.

As the Celtics have shown with their handling of both tickets for 2019-20 games and their employees, it’s up to those who have to look out for those who do not in these odd times. So even though payments for the 2020-21 season started back in February, as the team told the Boston Globe in a statement, this is another instance where the Celtics need to adjust. Everyone is worried about finances with everything in the country changing by the hour.

While NBA teams aren’t exempt from those concerns, their problems do differ from the ones ticket-buyers are dealing with. Plus, when this is all over, everyone will remember who rose above to help those around them. The Celtics have done well with that, aside from this development — and it’s not too late to fix this.

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