David Price tweets about Alex Cora’s decision on trip to White House

Nick Friar
May 06, 2019 - 1:12 pm

Not long after the Red Sox announced he was headed to the 10-day injured list, David Price took to Twitter bring further attention to Alex Cora’s decision to not visit the White House.

Cora waited until Sunday in Chicago to make his official announcement on the matter, previously explaining he consulted those close to him en route to a final decision. The Red Sox manager told reporters he would not be in attendance, confirming El Nuevo Dio’s initial report, as a result of Puerto Rico’s continued recovery from Hurricane Maria — something Cora has been outspoken about, along with the United States government’s handling of the situation.

Price, who isn’t attending either, had previously stated his reasoning was, “It’s baseball season.” However, his tweet leaves room to think there may be more behind his choice on the matter than strictly baseball.

Price tweeted "I just feel like more than 38k should see this tweet..." in response to a tweet from The Athletic's Steve Buckley that read, "Alex Cora has confirmed newspaper report he will not make the trip to meet the president. So basically it’s the white Sox who’ll be going."