Eduardo Rodriguez viewed David Price, Alex Cora as father figures

Nick Friar
February 10, 2020 - 5:22 pm

With David Price heading to the Dodgers — though the Red Sox have not made the move official yet — a lot more is going to be expected of Eduardo Rodriguez in 2020. Now, E-Rod has already dealt with increased responsibilities before. He led the Red Sox in starts in 2019 and was the only pitcher to log over 200 innings.

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But now the lefty has to perform without two individuals who helped him develop over the last two seasons — one being Price.

“He (is) like a brother, like a father,” Rodriguez said of the lefty. “Because the first day that I got here in spring training, he was there for me all the time. He was there for me when I got hurt. Everything. I would say he (is) like a father to me.”

“Every day that I was throwing a bullpen. Every time that was I was talking about games, what situation, how to control games, every time I was throwing a bullpen, he was out there with me. Seeing what pitches I was throwing, location, everything. He helped me a lot.

The other was former Red Sox manager Alex Cora, who had a different approach than Price when it came to supporting Rodriguez.

“It’s kind of hard, especially for me. Because he was pushing me every time,” Rodriguez said. “As soon as I got here, he was on me all the time. He knew what I was able to do and he showed me how to do it. … He was like a father (to) me.”

Having a manager whose first language was also Spanish made life slightly easier for E-Rod.

He’s also sad to see Mookie Betts go, but it was clear at Fort Myers on Monday that losing Price and Cora will have a more significant impact on Rodriguez.

“This is part of the business,” E-Rod said. “This is how baseball is and we got to get ready for spring training and the season.”