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Enes Kanter already took down his first opponent on behalf of the Celtics

Nick Friar
July 05, 2019 - 2:25 pm

For those who don’t know FS1’s Nick Wright at this point, I highly recommend you not read any further. Because if you find ESPN’s Max Kellerman’s unbearable, you don’t want to know this guy. In my opinion, outside of Kellerman’s obsession with Brady, Wright is far worse.

Just to bring everyone up to speed, when Kemba Walker was thought to be on LeBron James’ list of desirable players to round out the Lakers’ “Big Three,” Wright was all about the idea. He said, “I think Kemba is the exact fit Kyrie (Irving) was,” for the Lakers. But now that he’s playing in green instead of for Bron-Bron, Wright thinks Walker is a lesser version of Irving.

@Celtics_Junkies on Twitter was kind enough to splice the videos into one:

Whether or not he thinks Irving is better than Walker or not isn’t the point. He’s a flip-flopper. And his approach basically is, “If you’re with LeBron, I think you’re good. If you’re not, who needs ya?” (Which, I would think, has to embarrass The King eventually.)

But that’s only part of it.

Wright has also argued Boston’s entire situation is a “disaster.” Because the Celtics’ plan has gone from Irving, Al Horford and Anthony Davis to Walker, Jayson Tatum and Enes Kanter.

Before bringing in Kanter’s reaction to all of this, I do agree the Celtics losing Horford after they courted Walker was not good. But does anyone honestly think Kanter is the third best player on the Celtics now? He may turn out to be a great pickup, but I don’t think he’s the team’s No. 3 going into 2019-20. But this is another topic of another day.

This is about Kanter and the fact he decided to clap back when he saw the video:

Wright eventually responded, and Kanter eased off the gas a little bit . . . only to troll Wright again seven minutes later.

Like most others, I have my questions about Kanter’s game — pretty much solely on the defensive end. But if he’s going to come at Wright and others like this, he’ll probably win a few people over despite whatever flaws he has in his game.