Richard Jefferson recalls fans in Boston throwing things at players

Nick Friar
January 09, 2020 - 12:35 pm

An incident like the drink toss from the stands at the Garden on Wednesday can easily bring back memories of similar occurrences.

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There was the fan who threw the beer at Chiefs receiver Tyreek Hill.

If you want to keep it to the NBA, there’s the moment where Ron Artest was hit with a drink while lying down on the scorer’s table in Detroit. Of course, Malice in the Palace turned into something far more chaotic.

For retired NBA player turned analyst Richard Jefferson, Wednesday’s Truly chuck made him think of the 2002 Eastern Conference Finals.

Why? Well, he says fans at the then FleetCenter threw pennies at the Nets during their series against the Celtics. And when the team informed security, Jefferson says they were told to duck.

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