Good luck to Adam Silver with his attempt to fix NBA Free Agency

Nick Friar
July 10, 2019 - 12:19 pm

During his annual NBA Summer League press conference on Tuesday, NBA commissioner Adam Silver he expressed he was disheartened by the recent trade requests (i.e. Paul George to the Clippers) and said the problem “needs to be addressed” and so on.

That’s great, Mr. Commissioner, but I don’t see how much of anything can be done at this point. This isn’t just a player-driven league. I think Jackie MacMullan put it best during her spot on ESPN’s broadcast of the Celtics’ Summer League game against the Denver Nuggets. This is the “Player Empowerment Era.” And they aren’t going to give up an inch — nor should they.

The one thing Silver can do to help the teams out is start free agency sooner. None of this after the draft nonsense. Get it going right after the finals or at least flip-flop the timing of the draft and free agency.

But this still won’t change much. Players set the tone. When they’re free agents, they can meet with whoever they want. Even when they aren’t free agents, they still meet with whoever they want. As long as they aren’t acting on behalf of an organization, the league can’t stop them.

And players hanging out with players from other teams during the offseason isn’t something exclusive to basketball, these guys are just the only ones taking full advantage of it. Athletes share trainers. They went to college together. They played high school or travel ball with or against one another and so on.

This isn’t going to stop. It may not grow into something more in the NBA — it seems hard to fathom players getting more control than they already have — but it should certainly permeate into other leagues somewhere along the way. Though, there seem to be other issues that need to be addressed in the other leagues, unlike the NBA and its embarrassment of riches.