How Celtics are staying ready for possible NBA return

Nick Friar
March 27, 2020 - 12:28 pm

There’s no way to adequately replicate game reps. But that’s not even the challenge NBA players are faced with while the league is on hiatus during the novel coronavirus outbreak.

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They’re just trying to stay in shape.

At first, players had access to team facilities, with precautions put in place. However, the NBA eventually took that away, as well, forcing players to find ways to workout at home.

“There's been bikes delivered, there's been individual weights delivered,” Brad Stevens said on a conference call Friday. “There's some voluntary virtual training sessions. ... Anything basketball-related for us right now is just a voluntary strength and conditioning session.

But Stevens knows this current scenario will have a significant impact on how long it will take for games to start again — if the NBA does try to crown a 2020 champion.

Though, when games do start, Stevens will at least have a plan for the playoffs. In addition to the team holding conference calls over Zoom to keep everyone connected, the Celtics head coach is using this break to assess the data he’d normally roll through after the season.

“I've just, I've gone through, while I’ve been at home, all of my typical postseason evaluations,” Stevens said. “Usually, I wait till after the playoffs are over, after season ends and do a series of film studies and those types of things and just stat studies and individual studies and those. But, I'm actually knocking those out now, in hope that it helps us dial into what we need to do, should we be able to resume playing. And what we need to focus on when we get back to practice. It would be a unique situation to be off for as long as we're going to be off to have to reacclimate and recondition. But you do already have a system in with those 15 guys.”

All that being said, Stevens doesn’t want to hammer his players with basketball stuff during this time.

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