Why Jaylen Brown feels Kemba Walker differs from other leaders he has dealt with

Nick Friar
January 20, 2020 - 2:58 pm

Ever since Kemba Walker came to Boston, he’s been asked about his leadership abilities and what he’s doing to help guide his Celtics teammates.

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Instead of dissecting what he needs to tell everyone else on Boston roster, Walker usually discusses the things he needs to fix with his play or touches on adjustments both he and his teammates need to make together. This is then followed by some comment intended to reassure everyone he’s confident things will come together.

Everything Walker is doing in Boston now is very similar to what Jaylen Brown saw from the veteran guard when they played together on Team USA this past summer. Brown explained further during his appearance on ESPN’s “The Woj Pod.”

“Obviously, we had goals that we didn’t live up to. We wanted to win and we didn’t,” Brown said. “Kemba was one of the leaders of that team, so he had to take the majority of the flack. And how he handled it was great. He didn’t point fingers. He didn’t blame others. To be honest, he just said that, ‘We (are) going to be alright. We (are) going to learn from this. Things happen for a reason.” He said things that were more uplifting than usually what you see.”

Brown then provided examples of other sorts of behavior that don’t foster the type of environment Walker tries to create.

“Like, maybe somebody goes into a corner and doesn’t talk nobody. You know what I mean? Instead of starting to hang out with their teammates, they start hanging out more with their agent or people, their friends, their entourage,” the fourth-year Celtic said. “Kemba, we still hung out, we still played cards when we were out in China. Nothing changed even (with) more pressure and difficult(y). And then when things get a little bit difficult and you hit adversity, that’s when you get to see somebody’s true makeup and character. The whole world was against us, literally, and Kemba was the same guy.”

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