Kemba Walker ejected against Spurs

Nick Friar
January 08, 2020 - 8:49 pm

Kemba Walker’s return to the court on Wednesday did not go as planned.

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After missing three games due to illness, Walker’s night was cut short by the officiating crew. He was hit hard on a LaMarcus Aldridge screen midway through the third quarter and let referee Evan Scott know he was displeased with the non-call.

Walker was handed a technical foul, but he didn’t stop talking. Scott then gave the Celtics point guard his second technical and ejected him from the game.

Brad Stevens also received a technical foul.

The rowdiness at the Garden paused briefly when a drink was tossed from the stands over the Spurs bench onto the floor shortly after Walker’s ejection. After the shock, the Celtics public address announcer asked fans to not throw items.

UPDATE: The fan who threw the drink on the floor was arrested.

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