Kemba Walker stresses importance of Celtics getting along

Nick Friar
October 15, 2019 - 9:01 am

It’s not exactly a secret, team chemistry was among the Celtics’ biggest issues in 2018-19. Although returning players have explained how the team got along off the court, it seemed there were always issues on the floor.

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But the returners have tried to move on. A “fresh start” as several of them have said.

Having a bunch of new players on the roster can help with a new beginning. For example, the rookies have made an impact because they’re tight-knit.

From a veteran perspective, Kemba Walker isn’t focused on being a leader, unlike his predecessor. Nor does Walker always feel the need to be “the guy.” In fact, he likes the idea of not having to do everything — which was the case in Charlotte.

“It takes a lot of pressure off me,” Walker said at practice on Monday. "I’m getting a lot of different shots, as well. But I’m loving it, not having to do so much all the time. Hopefully, my usage rate might be going down a little bit. It allows other guys to make plays. I can appreciate that for sure.”

Additionally, Walker said, “We get along very, very well. I think that’s really important.” He stressed the point twice on Monday. Nothing about young guys listening to the vets or anything of that sort.

Walker wants the team’s foundation to be unity.

“Hopefully, it carries over,” he said.