Lakers forward LeBron James and Raptors forward Kawhi Leonard

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NBA Free Agency: Kawhi Leonard reportedly requested a meeting with Magic Johnson

Nick Friar
June 28, 2019 - 6:26 pm

While the Celtics appear to be ready to roll with Kemba Walker — instead of Kyrie Irving — for the foreseeable future, the rest of the Eastern Conference still has a few things to sort out.

The Bucks have to work things out with Malcolm Brogden and Khris Middleton, though Marc Stein of the New York Times thinks the latter will stay. The 76ers might lose Jimmy Butler, then there’s still the matter of Tobias Harris and J.J. Redick. (Not to mention, Philadelphia may be going after Al Horford, too.)

Then there’s the reigning NBA Champion Toronto Raptors.

They got their money’s worth with Kawhi Leonard, no doubt about that. But they want more of the superstar wing. But he’s still poking around to see what else is out there.

He’s rumored to have been interested in Los Angeles, being linked to both the Clippers and Lakers at times. Apparently, Leonard is set to meet with the Lakers soon. Not only that, he wants to talk with the former face of the Lakers, Magic Johnson.

Now, the initial report was Johnson would meet with “Leonard’s people,” as would Jeanie Buss, per Brad Turner of the Los Angeles Times. Then a report from ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith surface, stating Johnson would be in on Leonard’s meeting with the Lakers. But, as ESPN’s Ramona Shelburne pointed out, NBA rules prohibit Johnson’s involvement in official team meetings with free agents. (Because remember, he’s not with the Lakers anymore.)

However, Shelburne did add Johnson had been informed Leonard wanted to meet with him. His response?

“I said no problem,” Johnson said, per Shelburne. “I’m available if that’s what this man wants. 

“But I got a great life. I’m not trying to mess with anybody’s job.”