Major missed call in Celtics-Sixers revealed by NBA L2M Report

Nick Friar
December 13, 2019 - 6:39 pm

There were quite a few plays that could’ve changed the course of the Celtics’ game against the Sixers on Thursday, but there was one inbound play that stood out at the end of the night.

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After Joel Embiid knocked down a free-throw to make it 112-109, Philadelphia, with 25.7 seconds left in the game, Jayson Tatum threw a pass to Jaylen Brown, which wound up going untouched and out of bounds.

Now, Tatum should’ve run baseline to get a better angle at Brown, or he could’ve called timeout since no one else was open. But even then, his pass to Brown should’ve been good enough. The real problem was it appeared Josh Richardson tackled Brown while the two were in pursuit of the ball, but there wasn’t a whistle.

The NBA’s Last Two Minute (L2M) Report stated, “Richardson clamps Brown’s arm while the ball (is) being thrown in and affects his ability to receive the pass.” The NBA ruled it an “incorrect non-call.”

There was also an incorrect call made in favor of the Celtics.

With 1:10 left in the game, Ben Simmons was called for a reach against Tatum. The league said it shouldn’t have been a foul.

Ultimately, Tatum recovered the loose ball, so the miscue didn’t exactly have the same impact as the Richardson-Brown error.

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