NFL Draft prospect Dwayne Haskins responds to Tom Brady comparison

Nick Friar
April 22, 2019 - 6:12 pm

Comparing NFL Draft prospects to current and former players is always a big part of prospect assessment. Despite how confident these “experts” may seem, pinpointing exactly what these former college standouts do with their chance at the big time isn’t simple (i.e. Mel Kiper’s assessment of Rob Gronkowski in 2010).

One thing these draft experts aren’t always so quick to do: compare prospects to all-time talents — like Tom Brady, for instance. Although this year, former NFL quarterback Trent Dilfer decided to make an exception when evaluating former Ohio State quarterback Dwayne Haskins with the MMQB.

“I thought Dwayne should’ve waited, but he’s the most like Tom Brady of anyone we’ve had,” Dilfer said. “He sees it like Tom, he works at it, he plays that way. He plays on time, with his intellectual process. I don’t want to compare anyone to Brady, but he’s Tom Brady-ish.”

Brady–ish, –like or –esque, however you want to spin it, that’s a bold comparison. Though, Dilfer has never shied away from those, famously declaring the Patriots dynasty dead in 2014.

Haskins had a chance to speak about the Brady-comp with Sports Illustrated and surprisingly echoed a sentiment similar to Dilfer’s.

“From the neck up, I feel like I’m a lot like Tom Brady,” Haskins said. “From how I study, to all the time I commit to get ready for the game. To how I ready defenses, to how I pick up protections and to how I operate with my guys. And that’s just a great comparison for me because I want to be like Tom Brady. He’s one of the best quarterbacks of all time, if not the best. Just to be able to be in the same sentence and be Tom Brady-ish is pretty cool to me.”

Dilfer’s assessment was bold. Haskins’ self-assessment is something else entirely.