Pablo Sandoval's contract terms

November 25, 2014 - 7:43 am
According to an industry source, here are the terms of Pablo Sandoval's five-year, $95 million deal with the Red Sox that includes a team option for a sixth season: Signing bonus: $3 million 2015: $17 million 2016: $17 million 2017: $17 million 2018: $18 million 2019: $18 million 2020: Team option - $17 million ($5 million buyout) The bonus and buyout factor into the $95 million guarantee and give the deal a $19 million average annual value for the next five years for luxury tax purposes. If Sandoval is still playing at a high level at the end of the deal, then his option -- which would come at a $12 million marginal cost (and as calculated for AAV purposes in 2020) could hold considerable appeal for Sandoval's age 33 season.