Patriots LB coach Brian Flores: 'Freelancing' was never an issue when it came to Jamie Collins

November 01, 2016 - 6:29 am

[caption id="attachment_89014" align="alignright" width="350"]Linebacker Jamie Collins was dealt to the Browns on Monday. (Alex Goodlett/Getty Images) Linebacker Jamie Collins was dealt to the Browns on Monday. (Alex Goodlett/Getty Images)[/caption] FOXBORO — Patriots linebackers coach Brian Flores said that when it comes to Jamie Collins and "freelancing" it was never an issue, as far as he was concerned. Collins, who was dealt by New England to Cleveland on Monday, has been ripped by former Patriots executive Mike Lombardi for doing his own thing. But Flores, who is in his first year as coach of the linebackers after coaching New England's safeties for the previous four seasons, said he never had a problem with that when it came to Collins and his performance. "I wouldn't say freelancing was an issue," said Flores. "Jamie was a very good player for us. He made a lot of plays and helped us win a lot of ballgames. I keep saying that time and time again. He was a good player. "Freelancing? Look, did he make mistakes? Absolutely. But like I said before, everyone makes mistakes. There's not a player in the league who doesn't make mistakes. Again, he made more plays than he made mistakes. I would say that. He was a great player for us." Flores also rejected the idea that there was a consistency issue with Collins' performance, saying that he was "definitely" a coachable player. "I thought he was a consistent player. Again, I keep saying this; I thought he did a lot of good things for this team. Helped us win a lot of ballgames," Flores said. "Did he make mistakes? Yes. But every player in this league makes mistakes. It's just kind of how it goes. Every coach makes mistakes. In any profession … I'm sure you guys make mistakes in your profession. "From a consistency standpoint, he was definitely very solid. Again, he did a lot of great things for this team, and helped us win a lot of games." Flores indicated he was sad to see Collins go, but that's just "part of the business" when it comes to life in the NFL. "It's always sad to see players leave," Flores said. "Players come and go. Jamie was great for us. I had a great time coaching him. He was a great player for us. It's kind of where I'm at." "Having been here — this is my 13th season — I've seen a lot of guys come and go," he added. "I've seen some trades happen. Was I surprised? Any time you trade a player in your specific group, there's a little bit of a surprise. … You have to move on at some point. Obviously, we have a long season ahead. We have a lot of improvement we have to make as a team. As a defense. For me, I start thinking about the next things I have to do to help us win some games and play better defense." For more Patriots news, check out