Peavy willing to go to Red Sox?

December 13, 2008 - 6:14 am

It doesn't amount to a ringing endorsement, but Jake Peavy's agent, Barry Axelrod, told the San Diego Union-Tribune that his client would consider as a last resort a trade to three American League teams: the Yankees, Red Sox and Angels. Axelrod described the 2007 Cy Young winner as enormously frustrated with the inability of the Padres to trade him thus far. He said that while Peavy's strong preference is a trade to an N.L. team, he would be open, if absolutely necessary, to a short list of junior circuit teams. '€œHe prefers the NL, definitely,'€ Axelrod told the Union-Tribune. '€œBut you know, who knows where things will go from here? '€œJake has a strong preference to stay in the National League. If Jake's ever going to accept anything to the American League '€“ and I don't want this to be taken wrong '€“ I can safely say that it's going to be the Yankees or Red Sox or maybe the Angels. Those teams are going to be in contention and are going to spend money. If there were circumstances where he would be asked to go to the AL, kicking and screaming, those are the three places.'€