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Winners and losers of 2018 NFL draft

On Friday, I threw some praise and some shade, based on team’s round one selections. Since then, not many teams shifted from good to bad or vice versa, so rather than repeating a lot of that article, I thought I’d add some individual winners and losers to go with the team oriented takes. For those... Read More

NFL Draft Day 1 Winners and Losers: Patriots did just fine

Well that was a wild ride. I barely slept last night, with visions of Sam Darnold, Josh Allen and Sony Michel dancing in my head. The AFC East has a fresh new look this morning. After a week’s worth of sizing up this year’s draft class, I am back to report on who the big winners and losers were in... Read More

Ranking the tight ends: Plenty of good targets for Patriots

Last year’s tight end class really set a new standard for the position. I doubt we’ll see another group like that for a long while. It’s probably natural to expect a bit of a down year in the wake of such a deeply packed class, but that is not at all the case. The 2018 class is a strong group... Read More

Ranking the running backs: Plenty of options for Patriots

Can you feel it? The NFL Draft is just a few short days away. This is the event that really separates the NFL from its competitors. No other major sport has anything in its offseason that even remotely compares to what NFL fans get on draft day. Sorry NBA fans. Your draft is fun, but you know I’m... Read More

NFL combine quarterback rankings: Tons of good options for Patriots

Once again, it’s combine time. Yesterday we got into the running backs . Today we’re taking a look at the 2018 Quarterback class. And, in an effort to avoid burying the lead, I really like this year’s crop of passers. There will be several taken in round one and I see eight or nine guys who could... Read More

Fantasy Football: Who to start on championship weekend?

It’s a huge weekend for the Patriots and for all you Patriots fans, but it’s also the last weekend for organic play on DraftKings. Sure, they may dream up a game for Super Bowl week—probably joining it with the Pro Bowl again, but that’s a total waste of time unless you just want the action, and... Read More