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Fantasy Football: James White, Cordarrelle Patterson seem like must plays vs. Jaguars

Pete Davidson
September 15, 2018 - 7:04 pm

Here’s a brief look at some key Week 2 plays and values for all of you daily fantasy football players. The toughest thing for me this week is deciding which games I want to be most involved in because I absolutely love a few, especially the Steelers/Chiefs game. The thing is, everybody and their mother will be on that game so what’s the best way forward?

My thoughts at this point are that I will have a few different team builds. One will be a Steelers/Chiefs onslaught where I have 5-6 players from that game.  Others will play off of fading some Steelers and Chiefs, but not all of that game. What follows are a few of my favorite plays and ideas for this week’s slate, but I get into a whole lot more on this week’s Rotobahn podcast, so please dig into that if you are still hungry for more. You can also access my full lineup rankings for all of your start/sit concerns. It’s all free at rotobahn.com. Follow me on Twitter @Rotobahn.

For the freshest insights on all the Week 2 action, tune in to the Fantasy Football Hour, this Sunday morning right here on 93.7. Jim Hackett and I will take your questions (via text) and get you ready for Sunday.

The player pricing for this article was sourced from DraftKings.


Ben Roethlisberger, Steelers vs. Chiefs, $6,900

He’s at home, so last week’s road fade is in the rear view mirror. Big Ben should be throwing it all over the joint this week against a weak defense with a relatively light pass rush. It’s a huge smash spot. There are some reasons to try other quarterbacks due to cost and perhaps differentiation, but other than his sore elbow, I have no reason whatsoever to doubt him here.

Patrick Mahomes, Chiefs at Steelers, $6,100

I’ll have some team builds with Mahomes and Tyreek Hill (or Sammy Watkins at 4,600) because it’s relatively affordable and because it cuts against what should be more popular. I can still get Antonio Brown and James Connor into my lineup—playing into the game script where the Steelers jump out to a big lead early—the hope being that Mahomes comes close enough to Big Ben where I can use the savings to outscore the Roethlisberger stacks.

Matthew Stafford, Lions at 49ers, $6,100

This is my contrarian play of the week at quarterback. Stafford will keep chucking the ball because that’s what he does, and because this is the best way to attack the 49ers defense right now. He’s easily stackable with any of his receivers, Golden Tate (6,500), Marvin Jones (6,200) or Kenny Golladay (4,800), so choose your weapon or perhaps two of them. 

DeShaun Watson, Texans at Titans, $6,300

I want one Watson lineup stacked with DeAndre Hopkins because I think they’ll eat in this matchup. What I need to make it work is a better-than-expected day from the Titans’ offense, which explains why I only want a single Watson lineup.


James Conner, Steelers vs. Chiefs, $6,700

I hope you all listened to me on Conner last week, and I encourage you to be unafraid of his price increase this week. He’s still a huge value and his volume is close to a lock. Le’Veon Bell is 100 percent out for Week 2.

Tevin Coleman, Falcons vs. Panthers, $5,300

He’s the lead dog this week with Devonta Freeman out, and he’s priced as if he’s sharing time so there’s some upside relative to cost. If ILB Luke Kuechly is still banged up (he’s not on the injury report, but was banged around badly last week) then Coleman could really go off. I’ll have a few shares of him in tournaments.

T.J. Yeldon, Jaguars vs. Patriots, $5,600

This is a contingency play. I’m off Yeldon if Leonard Fournette is starting, but if Yeldon is the guy, he should pay off at this price. The trick here is that it’s a late game, so you’ll need to hear about Fournette early or things get tricky. My favorite late game pivot would be Cooper Kupp, but that only works if you have Yeldon in your flex spot.

James White, Patriots at Jaguars, $4,500

It’s about Burkhead and Sony Michel here. If those two are banged up then White could handle a ton of snaps—especially if the Patriots go pass-heavy and they very well might.  I want some White exposure in my portfolio this week, particularly if either Burkhead or Sony are inactive.


Antonio Brown, Steelers vs. Chiefs, $8,800

To me, in this matchup, Brown is actually cheap. He’s my must-play guy this week in a game where both teams could go vertical with points scored.

Tyreek Hill, Chiefs at Steelers, $7,600

He looked remarkably good last week and his price is just too low to ignore given his involvement and the potential for points in this game. He’ll be in over 50 percent of my lineups this week.

Kenny Golladay, Lions at 49ers, $4,800

If we get deep into game theory, we could come up with some reasons to pay up for Marvin Jones (6,200) or Golden Tate (6,500), but since my goal this week is to jam as many studs into my lineup as possible, Golladay is going to be my preferred choice due to his mis-pricing. I mean, 4,800 units is just too low relative to the other two.

Cordarrelle Patterson, Patriots at Jaguars, $3,400

This is an idea for the bold. No doubt you take a big risk here, but he’s so explosive that, on a week where the Patriots need to find something, with so many injured backs, I think Patterson could find more usage than expected.  If he makes just one big touchdown run, he’ll pay off large. And, if he can somehow manage two, you have a shot at some real winnings. Again, this is for the risk takers.


George Kittle, 49ers vs. Lions, $3,800

I need to save money at tight end this week because I have so many monster running backs and receivers who I want to roster.  Gronk is the possible exception, but I have some fear that he could end up seeing a lot of doubles and some of CB Jalen Ramsey. And, he’s at a higher cost versus his better Week 1 matchup with Houston. That brings me to Kittle, who has a friendly price tag and a super sweet matchup when you look at what Quincy Enunwa (who effectively played in a detached tight end role) did to the the Lions last week.

Jack Doyle, Colts at Washington, $4,000

Doyle played 94 percent of his team’s snaps last week and rarely got involved in pass protection—making him, basically, a big slot receiver. I have Indy chasing in this game, so his full PPR ceiling, in my view, is very high. If he finds the end zone, he could really pay off.

Ian Thomas, Panthers at Falcons, $2,900

Thomas and the Titans’ Jonnu Smith (3,100) are my favorite values at tight end this week. I am choosing to list Thomas because the Titans’ quarterback situation makes the Keystone Cops look like the Joffrey Ballet. Thomas will step into the role vacated by Greg Olsen (broken foot) and I think he may shock some people if they feature him a bit. This is a horses for courses recommendation. I do not plan on being heavy on Thomas with so many other good low cost tight ends available, but if he helps me get the right guy into my lineup, I will use him a bit. The risk is that Carolina may want to break him in slowly.