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Fantasy Football: Start Rob Gronkowski vs. Vikings

Pete Davidson
December 01, 2018 - 5:16 pm

Week 13 is upon us, and I have six player suggestions for you if you are playing daily football this weekend. Julian Edelman versus the Jets in Week 12 was a pretty easy call. This is a tougher week in terms of isolating a single Patriots player. That being said, if I was going to buy just one, it would be Rob Gronkowski. More on Gronk in a bit.

This week’s slate as a whole is a lot more fun than what we’ve seen in recent weeks. The lack of byes lead to more choices so it’s not hard to get to a lineup you’ll feel good about. Of course, the knife cuts in both directions—meaning your opposition is probably feeling pretty good too.

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All player pricing for this article was sourced from DraftKings.

Patrick Mahomes, QB, Chiefs at Raiders, $7,600

Oh yes, he’s pricey, but I see points—many points. And, the odds of those points going to a running back have been lessened to some degree with Kareem Hunt’s release. The fact that it’s a road game is a plus because the Chiefs give up more points away from Arrowhead Stadium, and that could keep the offense aggressive deeper into the contest. There are four teams with 8 or more wins in the AFC. The Chiefs will blow the Raiders fully away before they get conservative. Mahomes should hit the 300 yards bonus and has plenty of touchdown potential. If you stack him, both Tyreek Hill and Travis Kelce make good choices in tournaments.

Todd Gurley, RB, Rams at Lions, $9,300

The Lions upgraded the heart of their run defense by acquiring “Snacks” Harrison from the Giants at the deadline. This means more outside runs and perhaps a bigger emphasis on the screen game, where Gurley can do great things and get reception bonus points along the way. The bottom line is that the Rams should spend loads of time inside the Lions’ 20 yard line, and Gurley just eats in there. I’ll be using him in a lot of my lineups.

Spencer Ware, RB, Chiefs at Raiders, $4,000

This is an interesting one. Ware, who is now the starter, can be used as a hedge against your Mahomes lineups (assuming you choose to roster Mahomes to some degree), but he can also be used to augment your Mahomes teams. He does this by giving you a very high percentage of all the Chiefs scores and yardage, but he also gives you a strong inexpensive running back to offset the cost of Mahomes. They can work together. Ware can do good things in passing situations and is a strong interior runner. He’s in line for 20 or so touches playing behind a strong offense and he’s way underpriced.

Chris Godwin, WR, Bucs vs. Panthers, $3,900

The Bucs pass a lot. The Panthers allow a lot of completions. My Week 13 Godwin evaluation starts there. According to Rotoworld’s Evan Silva, Carolina has yielded two or more passing touchdowns in 9 of their last 10 games, so we have scoring potential in addition to the receptions and yardage. Now let’s talk about DeSean Jackson’s thumb injury and how it will keep him out this week. This will effectively double Godwin’s potential as he basically shares a position with Jackson. Alright, in fairness, it’s like a 40 percent snap increase as Mike Evans and Adam Humphries will also get a few more snaps, but the primary beneficiary of Jackson’s injury is Godwin. Well, hopefully it’s also you and me. The last positive thing for Godwin is his low cost. He’s priced as if Jackson will play. So, is Godwin a good option this week? In my best David Puddy voice, “all signs point to yes!” One last thing. While I wanted to push the Patrick Mahomes play due to the mid-week shift at running back, it’s also worth noting that Jameis Winston ($6,000) is a great play himself. If your lineup construction leaves you with a tighter budget at quarterback, then going with Winston is a strong move. I’m currently leaning towards Jameis in my cash lineup.

Matt LaCosse, TE, Broncos at Bengals, $2,500

There are a lot of ways to go at tight end this week, but if saving cap space is primary among your concerns, then LaCosse makes a lot of sense. The Broncos have targeted the position a lot since losing Demaryius Thomas. That was good news for Jeff Heuerman, but he’s now out for the season. That role now goes to LaCosse, who has looked like a solid option the last few weeks. He’s a very reasonable way to save money and he’s in a great matchup against a hemorrhaging Bengals team. His ceiling isn’t that high, but he should grind out enough points to pay off at his cost. 

Rob Gronkowski, TE, Patriots vs. Vikings, $5,400

Yes, the Vikings are a tough matchup, but my eyes saw the real Gronk last week. Not peak form, but good form. His gait, if you will, is still a bit off, but he got down the seam pretty well and made a great catch while taking a big lick from the Jets defender. Not many guys make that play from end-to-end. This week is obviously different. The Patriots need a win versus a quality team with a quality defense, and Gronk may be the best fit for big plays versus their scheme and their personnel. I’m not going to start him in all my lineups. Some will feature the aforementioned Matt LaCosse. I also like Travis Kelce, David Njoku and a few others, but Gronk gives me a strong combination of savings and upside. I think some exposure is merited.