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Fantasy Football: Who to add on Week 15 waiver wire

Pete Davidson
December 12, 2017 - 5:42 pm

Unless you play in one of those rube leagues where they still use Week 17 as championship week, congratulations!  You have made the final four. While most of you probably have little in the way of roster needs, I’m here with some waiver wire targets just in case. And, it’s good to remember that your opponent’s needs may be just as important as your own. If you have the edge with your free agent budget or waiver position, you should consider using it to block any obvious moves that could strengthen your opponent. That’s not cheesy or underhanded, it’s just good gamesmanship.

With all teams in win-now mode, there are no stash options here. It’s all about guys who can help you this week or next. I know that every league is different and that many things can account for why a player may or may not be available in a given league. So, in that vein, if you have questions about players not listed here, please feel free to shoot me a question on Twitter. I’ll try to get to all of them this evening. You can find me @Rotobahn.

As always, I will be posting the expanded Week 15 waiver wire over at It’s totally free. I still have a few more Week 14 games to work through, and I will have a few more player ideas for the final wire—mostly for those of you in bigger formats.

The ownership rates listed below were sourced from Yahoo! They reflect a player’s ownership, not their availability.


Blake Bortles, Jaguars, 35 percent

I’ve been touting his playoff schedule in this space for weeks and he’s still out there in some leagues. Heck, even his Week 17 matchup, the Titans, is pretty top shelf. If you just lost Carson Wentz, Bortles is a pretty good way to adapt on the fly.

Jimmy Garoppolo, 49ers, 21 percent

He’s got a choice matchup this week against the Titans, but he is unplayable next week versus the Jaguars. As Dan Ackroyd said with regards to the Super Bass-O-Matic 76, “it’s just that simple.” If you are a Carson Wentz owner, Jimmy can get you through Week 15. Look to add another option for week 16. The rest of the guys listed here are all solid options.

Joe Flacco, Ravens, 14 percent

As I have been saying for a few weeks, he may not be sexy, but he’s a locked in starter with a great playoff schedule. He gets the Browns this week and the Colts in Week 16.

Nick Foles, Eagles, 3 percent

He’s got a great team around him and he’s fresh, which could help him in the short term. You only need one or two decent efforts, especially if you play in a 2QB format. Losing Wentz is a crusher, no doubt, because the matchups were so good, but Foles gets those matchups now. He’s viable if you are in a pickle.


Mike Davis, Seahawks, 38 percent

He was out-snapped by J.D. McKissic last week but I suspect that Seattle will be playing ahead or in close games going forward. He also faces beatable defenses—the Rams this week and the Cowboys in Week 16. Davis looks like he’s locked down the lead back job for now.

Peyton Barber, Bucs, 35 percent

He did not start in Week 14 but he did play more than any other Tampa back and that bodes well for the next couple weeks. Barber is a guy with legit talent and it makes sense that they want to get a good look at him heading into 2018, when they can cut Doug Martin and save some legit salary cap space. He’s a solid RB2 or flex option if you need one.

Theo Riddick, Lions, 42 percent

They are down on Ameer Abdullah and Riddick is getting more time. While his rushing scores were a bit of an aberration, the playing time increase looks real. He’s a nice surging option in PPR formats and can be flexed in 12-team non-PPR formats if you need a back. The Lions are on the fringe of the playoff chase. They will continue to play the guys they like best until they are out of it. So, while Abdullah (neck) may return this week, I think Riddick is going to play the most of the Lions’ backs.

Jonathan Stewart, Panthers, 38 percent

You never want to chase last week’s points, so be careful here. Still, it was good to see Stewart getting such a high percentage of the money carries at the stripe, and scoring a whopping three times. He also ran very well on the day versus a tough Vikings defense, and now has scores in three consecutive games. Stewart’s workload says RB3 or flex, but he’s a solid one right now because he’s running well and his team is moving the ball.

Rod Smith, Cowboys, 13 percent

A few things here. First, he’s a one week option at best because Zeke Elliott returns for Week 16. Second, his explosion came in what was mostly garbage time against a defense that did not want to be there. Still, with Darren McFadden out of the picture, and the Oakland Raiders on tap for Week 15, Smith could have some value to teams with running back issues. He’s explosive and he’s getting plenty of action behind starter Alfred Morris.

Kerwynn Williams, Cardinals, 11 percent

I’m not sure that we can assume he’s the starter this week or next week because Adrian Peterson could return from his neck injury. What we can assume is that Williams will start if Peterson can’t, and that’s worth something if you need RB help.


Marquise Goodwin, 49ers, 56 percent

Yeah, he’s a little over-owned for this space but we need guys who can move the needle and with his sweet Week 15 matchup against the Titans, Goodwin can do that. Go get him if you can, even if it’s just to keep him away from your opponent.

Dede Westbrook, Jaguars, 31 percent

His targets are very consistent with 27 over the last three weeks and never dipping below 8. He’s got sweet matchups the next two weeks with the Texans at home and then at the 49ers in Week 16. He’s playable as a WR3, especially in 12-team leagues and above.

Mike Wallace, Ravens, 40 percent

He had another productive game but still not getting a full workload—losing snaps to Chris Moore and others. Wallace is a decent flex or WR3 in deeper formats and he has solid matchups the next two weeks.

Corey Coleman, Browns, 28 percent

He disappeared in Week 13 but he came back strong last week against the Packers with five catches and a score. This week’s matchup with the Ravens is not that bad because they are without Jimmy Smith and his Week 16 matchup with the Bears is nothing to fear. Remember, Josh Gordon is now drawing all of the top corners in Cleveland.

Tyrell Williams, Chargers, 35 percent

He gets the Chiefs this week and the wilting Jets in Week 16 so he is worth a pickup right now if a WR3 or flex is what you need. The Chiefs do get Marcus Peters back this week, so they are no road apple, and there is some risk here as the Chargers are rotating their receivers now that Mike Williams is back. That being said, Tyrell is making big plays and they are in a fight for a playoff berth. I think he’s going to have a prominent role the next few weeks.

Tyler Lockett, Seahawks, 39 percent

He’s heating up with scores in his last two games. He also posted 90 yards against the Jaguars—the best secondary in the NFL right now, so he’s not a guy who you sit due to the matchup. Lockett can help you if you need a WR3 or flex.

Will Fuller, Texans, 44 percent

He played 100 percent of the offensive snaps last week so he is ready to go now. That said, the matchup this week with the Jaguars is bad and next week’s tilt with the Steelers is rough too.

Josh Doctson, Washington, 43 percent

He had another fairly nondescript showing in Week 15 but it was a tough matchup and the Washington offense was out of synch as a whole. Doctson’s schedule is not friendly, so hopefully you can go after one of the higher ranked options. That said, if you need him, he’s a touchdown guy and always has a shot at a big play.

Keelan Cole, Jaguars, 1 percent

He’s largely available and he’s been coming on. While he’s not getting the kind of targets we want to see, the plus matchups and his positive trend make him a player to consider as long as, and this is big, Allen Hurns stays out with an ankle injury.

Kendall Wright, Bears, 4 percent

He went from forgotten man to number one option in Week 14 and who knows, maybe the Bears finally wake up and continue to use their best receiver, because that’s what Wright is. His matchup at Detroit this week is a good one, and things get even better next week when he faces the Browns in Chicago.


Vernon Davis, Washington, 49 percent

He was back in the end zone last week and he dominated playing time in Jordan Reed’s absence. That absence has a good shot at extending into Week 15 so Davis is a name to know. He can help you with two good matchups (Arizona and Denver) to close the season.

Trey Burton, Eagles, 8 percent

We saw what he can do last week so keep your head on a swivel in terms of Zach Ertz’s availability. If he fails to get through the concussion protocol for Week 15, Burton is a fine play—even with Nick Foles under center.

Charles Clay, Bills, 34 percent

He’s been very light lately but last week’s game was an aberration so don’t hold it against him. Clay has a tasty revenge game matchup versus the Dolphins this week. Only six teams have given up more tight end production this season.

O.J. Howard, Bucs, 23 percent

The playing time bas been there all year but the targets have risen a bit down the stretch and Howard has responded with increased production. He scored for the second time in four games last week but his closing matchups are not great as both Atlanta (this week) and Carolina (Week 16) defend tight ends well by the numbers. Still, Howard is a serious specimen and they tend to scheme him open, so he’s viable if you are in need.

Eric Ebron, Lions, 29 percent

He’s going to be a recommended pickup and I can see adding him in some situations, but be careful. His remaining matchups are against teams that have been stingy with tight ends, and his increase in playing time is not yet a trend, it’s just last week.

Ricky Seals-Jones, Cardinals, 43 percent

He’s been productive, but the numbers are shrinking because the playing time has remained static. In short, he’s earned more snaps but is not getting them. Clearly, the Cardinals see him as an offensive specialist. He’s viable but you can probably do better.

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