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Fantasy Football: Who to play in Week 16

Pete Davidson
December 22, 2018 - 3:27 pm

Week 16 is upon us, and if you’ve already been knocked out of your seasonal leagues, then you may want to take a swing at the Week 16 slate on DraftKings or one of the other platforms out there. Yahoo Fantasy has a particularly enticing contest this week with a massive overlay.

I’ll be putting ten teams in that tournament. Keep reading and you’ll find my five favorite options for Sunday plus one bonus option.

While I do not have any Patriots on my short list this week, I know some you fine folks will want to play a local hero or two. My issue with this week and the Patriots is the matchup. The Bills play very good defense on all levels. If I was going to choose a Patriot to get behind, it would be Julian Edelman, whose typical route tree lines up well against the passes that the Bills generally give up. That being said, he’s a little pricey at 7,200 units, so be careful with your exposure level.

For those of you who do have lineup concerns in seasonal leagues, please feel free to consult my free lineup rankings at You’ll find a ranking for every relevant Week 16 fantasy player.

For the freshest insights on all the Week 16 action, tune in to the Fantasy Football Hour, this Sunday morning right here on 93.7. Jim Hackett and I will take your questions (via text) and get you ready for Sunday!

All player pricing for this article was sourced from DraftKings.

Ezekiel Elliott, Cowboys vs. Bucs, $9,000

This is the bonus recommendation because it’s just too easy. Elliott has been awesome this year and he’s added receptions to his repertoire, which makes him that much more appealing on DraftKings—with their full PPR scoring. He’s got a 40-point ceiling in this spot, and by my math, his floor is around 20. I’m all-in on Zeke this week.

Saquon Barkley, Giants at Colts, $7,900

I was on Barkley last week and it cost me a few bucks, but I’m not letting my Week 15 pain stunt my Week 16 gains. The Colts allow a lot of receptions to runners and it’s no coincidence. It’s the scheme they play, which is a lot like Tony Dungy’s old defenses. They limit big plays and rely on good tackling. This should give Barkley a nice PPR floor as he should catch north of five passes with relative ease. If he is able to break off a few big plays, he can hit 20 points easily without scoring a touchdown. He’s also seen a material decrease in price off of the one bad game. He was 9,400 units in Week 15. So while recency bias holds his ownership down, I am going back to the well.

Nick Chubb, Browns vs. Bengals, $7,300

I just love Chubb in this spot. The Bengals are a dead team and I expect them to wilt this week in a bad weather game that means nothing to them. Moreover, I expect Cleveland to gain a big lead, which will eventually make it a Chubb day. There is some risk here in that Chubb doesn’t rack up receptions and DraftKings is full PPR, but in this spot, the odds of detrimental game flow feels decidedly unlikely. I think he’s worthy of cash game consideration and he’s absolutely a big part of my tournament game plan this week.

Marlon Mack, Colts vs. Giants, $5,500

This is an easy one. Do you think the Odell Beckham-free Giants can compete with the Colts in Indianapolis this week? If the answer is yes, then move on. If you, like me, feel that the Giants should implode in this spot, then the projected game flow hugely favors Mack, and so does the matchup. I think he’s a wonderful cash-saver in tournaments—assuming the Giants play like themselves.

Davante Adams, Packers at Jets, $8,500

Lineup construction will make him tough to roster if you are trying to fit all of the great running back value into your lineup.  However, if you want a receiver with a great percentage shot at a big game, I’ll submit Davante’s name. He is Aaron Rodgers’ top target regardless of the situation, but in this case, he’s practically Rodgers’ only legitimate target.  What’s best is that the Jets have no cornerback who can deal with him. I just don’t see how he fails here. He’s got a floor made of concrete, and if he hits for ceiling, he could be a legit money-maker.

Robby Anderson, Jets vs. Packers, $4,500

Anderson was one of my podcast recommendations last week and I like him even more here due to the concentrated nature of the Jets’ target distribution. Basically, you have Anderson and then a huge drop off to Jermaine Kearse and rookie tight end Chris Herndon. This makes Anderson and RB Elijah McGuire ($4,700 with Isaiah Crowell now on IR) very strong bets for volume. I will have one of these two Jets in most of my lineups this week. One of them almost has to have a strong day relative to cost.