Fantasy Football: Who to start and sit for Week 2

Pete Davidson
September 14, 2019 - 5:53 pm

One thing I’ve learned after a few seasons playing daily fantasy football is that you want the lineup you are building to fit the event you are entering.  This applies to literally every single team you build.  

Now I know, just from the questions I get, that a lot of you like to chase the million dollar prize each week on DraftKings.  I’m guilty of this myself.  It’s fun!

Here’s the thing with the “Milly Maker.”  To win it, you need to go for it.  You need to find situations where you can improve your odds of hitting on players—and stacking is a really good way of doing that.  Think about it.  The winning scores in the Milly are often well over 250 points.  You have a nine player roster.  That means, you’ll need to average close to 30 points per player if you want to be in the hunt for the top spot.  You really can’t afford to miss on any of your players.  This is one of the reasons we stack, because if we are right on the quarterback, it’s likely that his weapons will go off too.

Hitting on a cheap three player stack can be a great shortcut to success.  Is it risky?  Definitely, but you just entered a tournament with over a quarter of a million other participants.  You are a huge long shot to win the event.  Understanding this is the first step towards giving yourself the best shot at total victory.

So, with that in mind, here’s my favorite Week 2 stack in the Milly, and it’s the one I will be entering myself.

The Bills at Giants Stack:

Josh Allen, QB,  $5,300 

John Brown, WR, $5,200

Cole Beasley, WR, $3,800

Total cost: $14,300

Remaining budget: $35,700

I bet some of you just puked in your mouths.  It’s ok.  I get it.  In fact, I’d suggest that you avoid doing this, because odds are, you’ll lose your money.  That said, if you want to win the Milly, you need to embrace long odds.  So what is it going to be?  Said differently, WHY are you playing daily fantasy football?  If your answer was “to win money”, then you are probably playing in the wrong event.  Now, if you said, “for fun”, and you can afford spending $20 per entry, then the Milly is a blast.  I say, go for it and enjoy.

For those of you who said “to win money”, I would strongly suggest trying more single entry events and more 50/50 pools.  The overall payout structures are more friendly and less skewed to the winning team.  This is just scratching the surface of “event selection” and I will be delving into this a little deeper over my next few Rotobahn Podcasts, so check them out if this kind of stuff interests you.

Back to the Bills stack.

The reason I am going to give this a shot in a few deep field events is because I compact plenty of upside onto three spots without spending much of my budget.  This allows me to roster some low risk high ceiling players in my other roster spots, and, if the Bills hit, my team could climb up the rankings towards the bigger payouts.

We saw how easily the Cowboys threw on the Giants last week.  If Josh Allen gets time to throw, he’s going downfield, and when he doesn’t see what he wants, he tends to add foot-points or target Cole Beasley.  This stack has the upside and touch concentration we crave.

Here are a few options I would use to fill out a stack like this one.

Saquon Barkley, RB, Giants, $9,200

The stack saved us some money so we can afford this, and what’s great is that Barkley works WITH our stack, because the better he does, the more the Bills have to push to score.  We’re embracing our team dynamic, which is what you want to do in large tournaments like the Milly.  Barkley gives us locked in touch (carries + receptions) volume to go with his big play potential.

Alvin Kamara, RB, Saints, $8,200

Nobody is ever a lock, as we learned on Thursday Night Football with Christian McCaffrey.  That said, we know the Saints will build their offense around Kamara and Michael Thomas and after how bad the Rams front seven looked in Week 1 (against McCaffrey), I’m looking to get Kamara active as much as possible this week.

Darren Waller, TE, Raiders, $3,300

In a lot of my builds, I’ll be going after the elites at the position, but I want a combination of ceiling and cost-savings here, and Waller fits perfectly.  He’s going to get targets because the Raiders have so few good places to throw the football.  We saw it with Jared Cook last year and Waller is in a very similar situation.  This game also sets up to have plenty of offense.  I see it that way and Vegas agrees, with an over/under that currently sits at 54 points.  If I opt for a different tight end, such as T.J. Hockenson, I would then go after Tyrell Williams—the other dependable weapon for the Raiders.  I want one of either Waller or Williams in most of my DraftKings lineups this week.  They both fit nicely into Pat Mahomes stacks, by the way.

For my take on the entire Week 2 player pool, check out my free lineup rankings at  For more on how I’m building my Week 2 lineups, tune in to The Fantasy Football Hour, Sundays on WEEI at 8 am.